The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam


Was a sunny sixty six degrees when a Lisa, lamb arrived in Los Angeles on January twenty sixth two, thousand thirteen. It felt vastly different from the frigid winters back home in Vancouver Canada. Lisa was a student at the University of British Columbia. She had decided to spend her winter break traveling up the coast of California by train. This trip was a big opportunity for Lisa. She was fascinated by the film and fashion industries. So what better place to experience both then Los Angeles? Over the past year she'd gained some traction on her blog, a site where she discussed her favorite style and beauty trends. But Lisa also opened up to her followers about her personal life. At Lisa's parents were a recent theme in her blog. They had immigrated from Hong Kong Years Prior, and we're particularly worried about their daughter traveling through America alone. But at least had promised to call them every day to check in operating on a student's Budget Lisa booked a cheap hotel in downtown. Los Angeles about a twenty minute walk from union station. It was called these stay on main, but it used to go by a more infamous title the Sicel Hotel. When Hotel Your William Hanner built the Sel in nineteen, twenty four, he installed its marble lobby stained glass windows and Parisians. Sure. Hanner hoped these ornate features would attract socialites and businessman five years later, the Great Depression hit and over the following decades, the property fell victim to the economic disaster. While glamorous visitors continued to stay at the C. Soul in the nineteen thirties and forties. By the time World War Two had passed most guests were transients or low income citizens of the city. The neighborhood surrounding the hotel gradually became known as skid row it streets hosted thousands of homeless citizens. Skid row grew to be the epicenter of criminal and drug activity in Los, Angeles and the seasonal hotel was at the heart of it. Countless sexual assault cases, several murders, and over a dozen suicides have happened behind its doors Elizabeth short more famously dubbed. The Black Dahlia was rumored to have had a drink at the hotel the night of her murder in January nineteen, forty seven. Whether. Or not. She actually stepped foot into the sea soul her body was found only blocks away. In. One thousand, nine, hundred, sixty to a guest named pauline in dough from the ninth storey window landing on a passer-by. Both people died. In the Nineteen Eighties serial killer Richard Ramirez better known as the night stalker lived at the hotel during one of his murder sprees in return there each night after committing his crimes. It's unclear whether a lease, a new, the properties history, but the neighborhood didn't sound any alarms for her. On January twenty eighth her third day in Los Angeles she checked into the hostile style shared room at the newly rebranded stay on main hotel. On January twenty sixth and Lisa updated her blog. She seemed excited about going to a speakeasy at discreet cocktail lounge where she planned to catch some live jazz. Her next update shared some concerning news. She said she lost a cell phone that evening keyword being A. She wrote that the phone wasn't hers but had been borrowed from a friend. It's not entirely clear if Lisa had another device on hand or needed to borrow this one because her own phone was broken. She had a laptop with her to her blog but complained about the bad WIFI in the hotel. On January thirty, first, a Lisa was switched from shared dormitory to a private room. According to the Hotel Management Elisa's roommates had filed complaints about her odd behavior. Just what this behavior was is unclear even so at Lisa's trip appeared otherwise uneventful until January thirty first, which was supposed to be her final day in Los Angeles. She was due to check out the next morning on the thirty first she visited a bookstore close to the hotel. The shots manager said she spoke to a Lisa who seemed to be in good spirits. At, Lisa told her that she was buying gifts for her family. She was also looking for a book that wouldn't be too heavy to carry on her journey. According to the police the bookseller was one of the last people Lisa had contact with. When a Lisa's parents didn't hear from her that evening they called the Los Angeles Police Department in a panic. Lisa had been checking in daily.

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