Boeing Reports Third-Quarter Results


Executive, acknowledges his company's lost ground ground to to European European rival rival Airbus. Airbus. Especially Especially in in the the single single aisle aisle market, market, once once dominated dominated by by the the 7 7 37, 37, But But Dave Dave Calhoun Calhoun says says he's he's not not sulking sulking or or conceding conceding and and no, no, I'm I'm not sitting around a second. My phone that were that were disadvantage with respect to our product offering, Calhoun says. There will be a run on new 7 30 seven's When pandemic restrictions eased. The Max is recertified. In the meantime, it could be tough sledding for bowling and its workers. The company just announced third quarter losses of more than $400 million and expects to cut 11,000 more jobs by the end of next year. Analysts think the bowling job losses are mostly going to hit Western Washington couples. Charlie Harder has that part of the story. Aviation analyst Scott Hamilton of the Li Ham company says he doesn't see any good news in this earnings report from Boeing. He thinks most of those 11,000 jobs lost will be local didn't see were born specifically identified where the cuts are coming from. But I'm sure that were coming out of a Boeing commercial airplanes, which, of course, would be principally future sound jobs, Hamilton says the total number will likely be much higher. Because for every Boeing job lost is generally thought 3 to 4 jobs at outside suppliers and vendors get lost as well. Charlie

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