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Welcome back to another episode of this week in Photo I. Am your host Frederik van Johnson today. Lee Herbert is on the show. He's a final cut pro expert who has been using the absence like the early days of the software I think when it yet cert- up with a crank or something. Now Lee is the expert. He's talking all over the world these days. Virtually we're GONNA talk about how his business has changed as an editor that's Kinda stuck sheltering in place like the rest of us Lee Herbert Welcome showman how you doing. Much. I'm much like the rest of the will of surviving this year. So yeah, we we're getting. We're we're we're based in Melbourne. So we are now in I think we twelve or thirteen time has no relevance anymore of of lockdown here. So Yeah, it's It is what it is. It is what? gives us the the Reader's Digest. Story the first resume paragraph of WHO Lee Herbert is. Yeah, the first line, which ironically as an editor I, struggle to keep things brief when I'm talking. which. Because as an editor, obviously your main job is to make sure that you tell your story in the most short and succinct way. But when I'm telling marine. Story. But. So a little bit about me I have had many over the years but I worked in the apple wheels for ten years of a favorite Tom was that as a final per China. But at the same time, I also did a lot of theatre and TV and things like that and so I sort of ended up wanting to do a lot more production work. So I left Apple. Back in two thousand, thirteen I think two, thousand, thirty, two, thousand, fourteen, and started mining production company I. Still focused a favorite on training really enjoy the training side of things but yes oh, you know thankfully, we've been going from strength strength and so been doing. Mostly corporate videos for large and medium and sometimes small corporate clients my passion Israeli documentaries because I. Love. I love telling people stories in learning people's stories and Yes. BUYS. That's that's the the high level view of what I do and why do it? That's cool and you love this stuff I mean you you've been editing on I mean obviously as evidenced by posters on the wall behind you, you are a fan of apple products? And you have not working. We're apple a for a while since I've known you've been contracting on an offer. Those guys, right. Yeah it's. Yes on an. been doing doing stuff for them. Luckily I get to do stuff for up dump stuff cerny done stuff for a lot of stuff in the medical field. So we worked visor with books for GlaxoSmithKline. Quite a few local companies here as well. Obviously was the big stuff. But yes I've been doing a lot of corporate and I really. It's funny. The corporate side of things I think photography might get this quite a lot as well is that I get quite a lot of friends of mine who are in the field but they work more in in narrative do soap operas they do movies and things like that and they say to me Oh you know I'd hate to do corporate stuff because you sort of a confined and be. You know you might not have. A particularly exciting product to talk about and I was like, yeah. But that's like that's the really cool thing for me is I love the idea of having to look at a widget and go how can I make this widget coup? How can I find the story and helped tell the widget story so that you know the people can get it like I was just having a virtual meeting with a client earlier this week in you know she was saying that they want to build a relationship with the production company because I don't just want to talk about the speeds and feeds of what they sell they WanNa talk about the benefits they want to talk about you know. got these cool buttons but here's why does cool buttons are going to make your life better and here's why you should buy it. So I really like that aspect of. Doing corporate work yeah, yeah, this whole world though you know as you as you look at just sort of the shifting of where things are right now, you know like the title of this, the stream slash recording is editing an isolation and as you and I were talking about offline last week I think it was there has been some positive you know obviously. You know the whole thing is negative. There's no way to spin it as positive but there are some cracks in the clouds and that are revealing new revenue streams that you didn't have prior to the whole pandemic. He talked about that a little bit of how things have shifted from Lee. Herbert hopping on a plane first-class to go to a gig versus. Lebron up skype in firing of invoices. What does it look like? It's definitely Dif- Liam. been quite different from that. So I'll given. So obviously like I had when when everything sort of started going crazy I had at least five to ten jobs that were either put on hold canceled, and obviously I'm not going to get flourine outs to the USO Asia wherever it is GonNa fly me out to to shoot stuff for them but the interesting converse of that is. Interestingly enough events because my my company we do we do a few events. We got a couple of in the middle of the year and then a couple at the end of the year. But like regular ones, men bits and bobs coming but we didn't really do a lot of events and funnily enough a lot of the work that's coming from lately is from virtual conferences. So I've had quite a few corporate clients who they've got staff members who are presenting it at virtual conferences, and thankfully they have realized very quickly that just doing it on a Webcam is not a good look for the company. I think we've all kind of like one of my biggest concerns when when the whole lockdown thing started is if you watch the news just about everyone that they were interviewing on the news, which is in the terrible lighting situation with you know they they elect either under the nose looking straight up they nose as what will up somewhere and you got people in the background working with their underwear it was. Dogs and cats living together complete my him and I was looking at that going. Oh, my goodness I. Really Hope People don't get used to it and go. Okay. Well, this is just how you know. You're not going to have good lighting. You're not going to have good camera. You're not gonNa have good microphone and we just going to be eastern that's going to be fine. I was like I'm out of work. This is awful. But thankfully, what's happened is a lot of my clients have looked gaunt. Yeah. You know we could do better. So there's been a favorite of consulting but I've done. So locally here in Melbourne between lockdowns, I worked with quite a few clients who realize that they were going to be working from home lot. Warn I helped them get even if it was just bit a webcams or just. A little you know like, for example, a lot of them when they could get them in stock. This thing called the Algata cam link between you and me there's tons of these for twenty bucks on Amazon that you can get instead of big fancy expensive ones. which allow you to connect. Dias Laura Ramirez camera into your computer used as Webcam as I am with my ach three now.

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