The OutZeiters 10/29: Nickelodeon, Jack Nicklaus, Halloween, Miracle Whip


In keeping with his eighties highschool movie. This is the equivalent of the blue period. That's the only boy right? Is outsiders yeah I think so. Rumble Fish always get those confused no out because I remember that was the book we read our teacher was like clearly of the age when when that movie came out was very important to her and her like she's like, yeah, we we should actually watch the movie. And I was like damn like. It's weird I was like that age where you forget that like. Actors like existed before you were born or had careers, and I'm like wait Ralph Macho is in a movie that isn't karate. Kid and Matt Dillon is also in this. It was very confusing outsiders kid that's when I realized routh Macchia was actually like in his forty s when cried kit three came out. Because A. Man. All right. Let's tell the people what is trending. nickelodeon was trending last night I think because they. So they do every couple years every election year, they do their presidential election for kids. We're mids get to weigh in and vote for who they think's going to win or who they would vote for. If they had the right to vote and this year's vote was hacked by right wing roles. Using. Nickelodeon vote for trump? Isn't it like something? So like the marketing title is so funny liking. Oh. Yeah. Kids pick the president come on Nickelodeon kids. They had to fucking hack that thing. Yeah. Biden's been slime aimed. You can't do that in the White House well, boy. So yeah, he someone found four Chan posts where people were bragging about how To make it look like kids picked trump. which is kind of funny. Yeah I'm glad that they're just focused on the optics and not real life outcomes. Well, yeah that. Level of dedication we'll. We'll see hopefully they have an actually hacked the election but Yeah they're they're saying that according to them nickelodeon literally airs Blm? Propaganda so. Over they were they like doing. Re recitations and readings from like different civil rights leaders is that's what they're calling it. They actually go off air for eight minutes forty six seconds following the murder of George Fluid on what I like how that's even propaganda like there's nothing like a kid would be like be like they're gonna be like mom nickelodeon door what's going on for a kid? You'RE GONNA they're gonNA see that blank screen and they're not gonNA put together that they're systemic white supremacy and like police brutality is a major issue there's to be like spongebob is an on but I guess anything that acknowledges anything is well everything's propaganda. All right. Go on fortune. Yeah ANYWAYS NICKELODEON head to throw out one, hundred, thirty, thousand baht generated votes. And Eventually Biden one but he only got fifty three percent of the vote trump forty seven, which is worse than. Hillary did in twenty sixteen. So. You know. Dangerous Times what's after Gen Z.. Are these kids agency Question. To. Give up now. Z. Right I. think that'd be like they'll just be like the after mutants rate or J.. O., Guy Jonah, and then. There'd be like, why do they always say that it's a reference to a movie from Nineteen Ninety Four. Three or whenever there's they game out. But yeah. Cool the kids are aren't totally all right but. You know. Yeah you buy on that. What what child? WHO's too young to vote is like a team trump I guess you do see like those kids waiting outside of his like rallies with the. In Your House you know what? I mean yeah. Go off of what people are saying in your house like I'm lucky that my dad was on some like Super Progressive Shit. So I didn't grow up hearing like lame shit except about like bad music. But like other kids are member kids who was like houses were like George, Bush to the fuck out and then like George Bush on like what the fuck? But. That's even weird. Kid being like Bush hell. Yea. Yeah. I, mean in I I do remember when I was like twelve and the Or even younger than that I guess when the first Gulf War happened and people were doubt it and like collecting the different. Air Force bombers that you get like getting the old snacks for those. Baganda toys that came out during the first Gulf, war, are still I remember I bought I had three out of four like forces, Ninja, turtle figures that they had. There was yes brands like Rafael he's in the Air Force Donatello is in the army and you're like they had a full on desert camera on and I was I. I'm like wait this is completely desensitizing me to like what might actually be happening because there's a Ninja turtle analog for me to blow it and splinters best friends stormin Norman. Schwarzkopf. Another controversy I don't want to move past this too quickly because there's also important news that they did not include third party candidates this year in load Ian Kids pick the president so that actually pissed off Libertarian candidate Joe Jorgensen. Who complained about nickelodeon on twitter and then Nickelodeon was like fuck you. grownup adults were bickering online over the political ethics of network best known for slamming people said. twenty twenty. Jack Nicklaus is trending would've man I didn't realize he was still alive for starters.

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