Welcome to inspirational into this with Jan.. Way You will discover everyday life hots connecting with the truth find out what inspired them to do what they love, how they got there and why they never give up. Be inspired by these stories to create your beautiful lies was your host Jen Rod. Hi guys welcome back to inspirational interviews. Today I'm taking you on colorful Bush wild, waking, life journey of filmmaker, and for those of you guys who enjoy wildlife films, then you can bet your bottom dollar that one of the films you have seen has been made by Kim. Later, our next guest on the Shar. This is just a cool inspiring life story of hearing someone's journey of how they really just follow the steps of doing what they love and. I always say this on the on the show that you don't have to be a full maker or want to even be a filmmaker you connected with your truth and what it is that you want to do in your life and use use the the wisdoms and the perspectives and the steps. That someone for example, like Kim made to to make his dreams come true and is still making his dreams come true I mean. Kim, talks, about the fact that his life he feels is only just beginning and I mean, well, he's not a spring chicken. Sorry Kim but. How cool is that? Right? Are When you turn twenty, you know we think. Life is just beginning with the school and he has Kim later down the line he's saying that he feels his life is only just beginning I mean and plus he's been doing what he loves. The whole entire time are are yeah. What more inspiration can you get from from just that nuance? But guys yeah. Show the sun with friends. People that you think could benefit from just having cool life stories playing the background you likely radio. You just play these stories in the background get on with your day work. You know do things in the house, the garden whatever it might be. Just let positive vibes sort of infiltrate into your energy and guys been little bit forgiving on the Sound Department because Kim is in the middle of nowhere he's in the Bush in the middle of Africa and yeah, he's having this conversation with me on his satellite phone. So you do that in the sound, but it doesn't negate in any way shape or form from the amazing beautiful colorful and yeah. Just super inspirational. Story. in its entirety. Me On instagram I lack posting on instagram because just fun you career cool stories and cool pictures. So if you listen to the show, just come find me there you know don't just price follow but you know follow and say hi Jen listen to the show really cool or you know whatever Other feedback you might have let me know and guys those. If you need in an interviewer, let me on the website. So inspirational interviews, Dot Com, you can find me they undertook book. Jen and all star If you need someone to help you Maria story, it's Kinda of like coaching a process, but it's just oneself and I literally I just set with peace people face to face or online and give them the opportunity to share a story in great depth to yet to be able to get perspective on their own story. Sorry. If you need that also, let me know. And Without any feathers you guys let's give a warm cyber welcome for Kim Walter. All. These conversations are equally not researched and completely roll sir. We just go in exploring your life story from a complete blank page Urine. But I know you South African? So let's stop there Kim. Why you at the moment I WANNA do i. Honey beds so I've traveled around southern if he. took place to you this morning and. Arrived Chat on Sango locker citizens, Zimbabwe, it's down in the southeastern love felt or honey bed. And Visa have been done in the Kalahari Hard And I didn't WANNA. Do that game I wanted to do something different so I wanted I'm veges different. And they do that they could just about anywhere. Plenty of them in the. End the conditions out very different to the Callahan said they being different stuff, eastern acting animals and all sorts of different things. That's why I can and this Guy Sanger has Ganji of. So it was a good Tyson stuff missing hell of a lot harder than filming in the Kalahari but because of the way that I would. Spend time on selling these guys. So able to follow them and then the guy that the. From Pollen in Latin extended stay all nocturnal so that Even. That's in the daytime. All different. Now you saying Hannie badges right now. So it's interesting how when you when you do the interviews that I do how you you have this idea of somebody based on what someone else has sort of briefly mentioned or you know because you're you're. In spy. Kevin. Richardson. Sorry he he wanted. Me, to have a conversation with you and I understood also that you know you also very much involved with the High Hino's so I wasn't expecting you to say honey batches at all. Well I'll tell you what happened. I did come yet. And we see them on camera chips all the time but in this year and a half that I've been out, I've seen them once mile. That's The reason that we're not Kenya and whenever I saw hyenas, they would just Baltin ten that that we've gone. So I it was no way. They'll. Get involved behind the founder Din all against standard, but a Tommy and. Tom Brady was was just a few weeks and seventy AMAZING RELATIONSHIP Being these Colombian, putting these hyenas about a year now and y'all modernisation ship within just mind leg. It's unbelievable. Actually this morning I went to a panels waiting for my country they had gone and the nascent five hyenas arrived with a piece of voted the Union they went bang in the water and I went swimming within.

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