The Day of the Lord is Near (Obadiah 1:15)


Ovadai chapter one verse. Fifteen for the day of the lord is near upon all the nations. Just gonna stop there. The verse actually goes on. But i just want us to soak in what we just heard and pray. According to it for the day of the lord is near upon all the nations and the context here in ovid. Is this the shortest book. And the old testament just one chapter and it's addressing specifically got speaking through the prophet ovadai About the people of eithm the might who had helped capture fleeing israelites. And turn them over to the babylonians when they were being driven out from jerusalem and god makes clear in this chapter in this short bible. Bug that eat them. The nation the eat mites will be held accountable for what they have done and so we read this verse verse. Fifteen for the day of the lord is near upon all the nations and the verse goes on to say. As you've done it shall be done to you. Your deeds shall return on your own head in other words all people in all nations will one day give an account to god and in his holiness and his justice he will judge all the nations of the earth which means all people in all the nations of the world. Need the mercy of god. All people and all nations are senators. Who have rebelled against god and who deserve his just judgment yet. We know from new testament. God so loved the world all the peoples and all the nations of the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him will never perish but have everlasting life. The good news of the gospel. The great news of the bible is that salvation is available for all people in all nations that jesus revelation chapter five has died to purchase people for god from every nation tribe tongue language every nation every people group in the world. And that's what we need to think of when we hear nations for the day of the lord is near upon all the nations. Don't just think geopolitical entities countries like we think of two hundred or so united nations today think ethnic groups think people groups this is why we pray continually on this podcast for unreached people groups like today the karakolpak. People of us becca stan. Me tell you a little bit about the car. Call poc people so this people group is almost one hundred percent muslim. And i say almost because i we and our church family have been connected with believers among the karakolpak people who are meeting underground in secret who are gathering at great risk to worship god to study his word and to proclaim the gospel they are working to lead other karakolpak people to faith in jesus and we. We have stories of people being baptized. Among the caracol puck people so the gospel is going forward. The reality is though among the seven hundred and fifty thousand or so karakolpak. People and use becca stan. Most of them still have never even heard the good news. Of god's love in jesus and ovadai one fifteen makes clear that the day of the lord is near upon all the nations all the karakolpak people of us back. Stan will one. Day stand before. God as judge which means we give our lives praying and giving and going as god leads to people groups like the caracol people to make his mercy known among these people who've never even heard of love is not they've heard about jesus and rejected him. They've never even heard of the mercy of jesus. So i want to lead us to pray specifically for what god is doing among the caracol puck people for you and i right now in this podcast in the next two minutes to be involved with what god is doing and use becca stan and at the same time to step back and see the world through this lens when you look at world news among the nations and all kinds of different ways no every nation every tribe every people group in the world will one day stand before god as judged so as you look world news let it drive you to pray for the spread of the gospel and this nation among that people group in this language. Let's be world 'prayers. Let's pray with a world lens for the spread of god's mercy among all the nations knowing the day of the lord is near upon every single one of them so god we pray right now we intercede on behalf of the caracol but people and use becca stan.

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