How Kane Simms Co-Founder of VUX World Got Started in Voice


My first experience with voice. It was in some like early. Twenty seventeen a has. When i i kinda come across alexa. Obviously i knew about siri before that but it never used to work. Didn't understand me. It probably thinks majority as well And so i kind of played around but never really understood. The impact of it are what was actually going on. I just thought it's just the way of control and your phone just media wealth out well and then seen alexa and i thought there was something about it. That was different. Maybe it was because it was a specific device that was purely to be spoken to. Don't know about. I remember seeing it and i remember having thought when i first seen it before realize skills were before i realized what the actual thing was in the first place. I remember thing in. I watched some videos of people talk into it and again the weather on our lawn i thought what would be a. Ms is if you could actually create experiences for this thing. You know like conversation voice based off your experiences up. And and i thought it would almost be like a kind of voice user experience southern and you see where my brain's kind of swirling around with this Interesting and i thought well that must be a thing. And i'm sure that's going to be something so i start going to be able research prod- around the i'm gonna make a podcast on. I'm going to document ma journey through exploring this kind of this technology Saw bartlett eminem. V dot world in june twenty seventeen and had all of these big plans and couldn't find anyone to speak to about him in. The kit was very very kind of like what's going on in the uk. Yeah yeah just tweet. Inland anyone around You could have Maybe oscar jess yeah. I think we're doing something i think. one six nine lobs in germany. Were doing something that point. I think i found their website. Actually and yeah couple of people in in the us. Obviously you know. All kinds of early adopters over there. But i just couldn't. I didn't know what i was searching for. Basically i didn't know what does look for who to do is type. Invoice bought a Ana well you didn't have quite as big conduct search engine presence the puck and you kind of skip voice bought these days of every publication references which which is you know good and softer to the work. You've been doing over the last few years. But yeah i didn't find. I didn't find anything to do with anything back then. And so just sound the idea for. I don't know six months also and regrettably brett. It wasn't voice bought the Found initially it was this week invoice. The patch rival podcast show ever rival. I'm joking i found that and the reason how voice but was because of the voice story of the week. Gotta yeah. Yeah yeah yeah so probably metrics during the acquisition view over there and so i ended up realizing that there was people to speak to connected with broadly. Think account if we connected down on the. I'm not sure. And then i kind of rekindled this idea of casts kicked off regarding some episodes over december launched in january or february was in and go with kind of being gone for two and a half to three years. it's interesting i found is that as i'm learning about this stuff and i stop conduct some skills Say it was basically invulnerable. Because i'm not dave destined does all of that of That kind of plan around. And i realized that there's a whole load of stuff going on that just plays into everything i've done. Basically i used to make music when i was a little bit younger Younger than i am now and so kind of audio production was kind of part of why i used to do when i was a teenager in early twenties on one or two very low budget films and then i kinda went through. A kind of marketing is unique did market in with machen interest for awhile conduct coastal ended up doing user experience design and then consultant around user experience design and freelance ryan on the side and all of a sudden than service design and digital transformation. All the sudden all of these things dot com to join together. You've got the user experience the right in the service design element because i think boys interactions and more like service design than anything else an l. Kinda just come together in a big melting pot and with being kind of kraken on through and we're gonna be minute

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