We Dont Get To Pick Where The Attention Is | Interview on Just B with Bethenny Frankel


And i've been on your show and we have known our paths cross again and i instantly said i have to have you on this podcast. You're perfect for an interesting discussion about that. People would never think about a really appreciate that. And it's fun for me to be on this. Because i really pay attention and i genuinely admire your skill set as an entrepreneur and in it. It's very impressive to me. And and i think. Because i was born in the former soviet union i grew up in a very kind of like work ethic was the way out kind of dna. Just see like. I really see your. You're you're just putting in real effort and sustained effort. And i'm really excited to be on the show because i really really really admire it while i'm excited and we have to. We just end up going places. You never thought. But i want to get to the beginning with you. Your company's called x. a lot of people listening. Don't even necessarily know who you are and what you do. So how would you describe yourself the way. Describe myself as an entrepreneur. Because i have my hand a lot of businesses. I used to call it a businessman. When i was a teenager. Okay entrepreneur when you and i were kind of growing up was like i don't know like it had like some weird negative like didn't seem like a good thing. I heard it a couple times but it seemed it seemed fluffy. It seemed like you were some rich kid. That like didn't wanna work and you said you were so for me. It was businessman but my sister reminded me of birthday. Shout to novello. She said to me. You don't was exhausting about you. Literally eighty percent of our childhood was working. And i thought it was fun like it snowed and we had to go shovel people's driveways like it's a beautiful summer day and we have to make lemonade at six. In the morning. I just really liked it. I liked the building and then having customers and making signs of you. Like the grit. You like the grit and the story to so much to be learned from the street and from the grit and from the non business school and from not a real real job like from just being half an animal. I couldn't agree more. And i believe you were also selling baseball cards as a kid right baseball cards were my my jam. Like i grew up in that eighty nine hundred ninety six to ninety three jersey jersey malls just all sorts of like hustler street. Good stuff. my father was best friends. Joe torre and he had a major major baseball card collection. Who he left to. jet. Yup not to me we would you. You'd find that interesting. Who was in my notes so go ahead a group in a very cocoon immigrant family like i was born in the soviet union and belarus. We were like very insular like my parents didn't really have friends. Because they were embarrassed of their accent we lived in our little bubble every day from the day we got to american nineteen seventy eight until he could buys own small liquor store in springfield new jersey. He built up a real business. We became very much middle class from zero. I'm just so impressed and grateful but being the oldest son from the old country at fourteen. I'm a fourteenth birthday like my life literally got flipped upside down like i went from being really successful the sports card thing where i was making five hundred thousand two thousand dollars which is like a million dollars to my dad. Saying that's over now. You work in the store and i would go to my dad's store at seven. Am and lead at nine at night as a fourteen year old. And i would bag ice in my dad's basement because we still have a lot of ice because it was a beer store literally for ten hours a day dusting shelves bagging at the register and that that framed me got it so that kind of work ethic instilled in. You really brought you to where you are today correct. And now you have a company called via x and you're the cd elevator media. So what exactly. Those companies do bainer x. Which holds eight or nine companies. The bainer media is literally twenty twenty madman so that is the main company that i'm the. Ceo of we are an advertising agency. That does the uk. Dwayne wade budweiser video. Last year. that got watched one hundred million times. We came up with that idea and we made it baby nut. Mr you know mr peanut died at the super bowl this year and baby nut was born. That was us we. We are literally an ad firm now. Three years ago. I bought pure

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