How to Have a Fully Remote Family Thanksgiving


Model state health shared finds that it a Thanksgiving with 15 people. There's an 18% chance one of them will have the virus and in it Church maxed out with 200 people. There's an 85% chance someone will be infected. Brian Harris Coma New State Department of Health reports another 1303 new Covic cases. That's about half of many cases as the day before yesterday. 21. More people are dead. The death toll now nearing 2600 people 49 more people have been hospitalized in our state. We have Ah, Dark winter ahead. It's covert continues to spread out of control. But the mayor of one of our areas, smaller towns says he sees the light. You know, one on one with Cuomo News, Burian Mayor Jimmy Maada Says to protect his neighbors health It would be tough for him to disagree with the governor's

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