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So we haven't been able to do a coffee talk for a while and i have been leading a ton of events in virtual events and And so i haven't been on this page that much and we posted things but it's not the same as being with you live. Can you agree with that. I love seeing you guys live and seeing your comments and seeing what's going on in your life and and what's on my heart. This morning is after speaking at all these events or something. That's become really alive for me in my life. Which is the the act of listening to what people are facing. I mean you know. We just had the elections. And then we've had krahn virus like infiltrating our life and And everybody's afraid to touch each other anymore and live live ca live events in thanksgivings. And you know hopefully not christmases but like all these things that were used to connecting with each other. Just have been just really sucked vacuumed out of our life and so one of the things that i think is really important is to listen to each other instead of fighting each other all the time which were so used to doing what the elections going on right now. We need to actually stop and listen to each other and remember that your business is built on serving people. And when i've been having my ear to the the computer my ear to the surveys. I've surveyed four times last week alone. Four times and what i kept hearing over and over and over again is that people are really fighting with their emotions there. They think they're fighting with people. They think they're fighting with with Belief systems but really at the end the day to fighting with their emotions. And what i mean by this is when we're dealing with frustration and overwhelmed and and you know if we're to be really honest with ourselves we say things like i need more support or i need to sales team or i need more leads. I need to figure out what my offer is. Anita figure out how to. How the better spouse and we actually put all of our power out there on these things that we can't control the truth. Is that what we're really fighting with is our emotions. I have a friend of mine. Who's a couple people that i know clients and friends that are separating themselves pandemic breakup right now and that just hurts my heart. Because i mean. Let's not put an identity on a break-up because it creates a collective herd like mentality. I don't know the stats when you know somebody who's gotten a divorce. There's like the the The statistics go google's but the statistics are extraordinarily high that your relationship is going to be impacted in a way that you actually contemplate divorce or actually move into that direction as well or break up and so it's fascinating to me how the herd like mentality moves around so let me show this thing about emotions as i've been serving the number one thing that i'm hearing is that shannon if i could just get over my emotions like frustration and overwhelmed and anger and the things that really caused me to procrastinate or to get angry at people i love or to basically push my power way and put blame or responsibility on somebody else to make me happy. It really like people actually identified that. It's their emotions. That is the problem more so than anything else. And so listen to that. And when i listened to that what i did was actually launched a whole like seventy challenge on helping people build revenue in their business and overcoming their emotions. And i gave them really hard homework pieces every single day to have to go do so that their emotions would flesh up so that they can see it. And i don't know if i if i changed any lives or not but i definitely tried. I definitely went out therein and did my best to To really show them how to put revenue back in their pocket. And i was just sharing with somebody like this year over here taxed untaxed on my phone just sharing with somebody this morning When i spoke at an event actually live event. Believe it or not that. I spoke out Just a few days ago. And i showed everybody how to create a million dollars fascinating to me. Go back to. The emotion thing fascinates me the only people who really wanted more details for the people who are already wealthy. People who are not wealthy had this conversation. I'm sure now. I'm assuming that it was over their head and i just it brings me back to like just opening up your eyes to know what's really going on in the world and it's like if they knew if they knew that they could actually execute on that on that three step plan to make a million dollars. Why would they not rush to find out more details and the reason why emotions in emotions have us believe that. We still need to get ready to take action. We still are not ready right for that next big thing. I see this semi pro. I have a one percent club with my private clients. And and this may be the last year that i do with our clients and and they literally they literally when people many of them when they come to me they say i said what's the ultimate plan and they tell me what the ultimate plan is and the ultimate plan is someday and that's emotions emotions have us make about some and i always say a. Why don't we just make this now. And then you'll see how committed you are to it and how much you really want it. Because i think we love to live in someday. Someday i'll have the marriage that looks like that. Be careful that someday. I'll have the business someday. I'll have the money someday. I'll be able to get up and workout someday and the truth is that somebody can happen right now but the but the truth is you might not really want that thing. You might not really want that thing. Because i'll take into relationships. If you really wanted your relationship to work what would have to shift in you right now. What would have to shift in you right now. To be able to create peace and harmony. I would have to shift in new okay. So there's there's a those away there's always a way right. There's always a way. I mean i wouldn't recommend staying with somebody who's abusive but like i've met people who used to be abusive and they're no longer

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