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The bottom lines for HP and Dell. Most stocks are slipping the Dow losing 180. His news times. Well, the one from the 10 10 wins Traffic center. Here's Karen Stewart. Well, we still got that accident on the New England Thruway up in Pelham Parkway North bound over next a performer I'm hearing it's almost cleared away. About the delay is still there, but it is a little bit lighter. So they're obviously getting through here. The delay into the cross county is starting back in around Middletown, Rhode. Excuse me into the hutch. And again the speed to improve, so we're on the upswing here elsewhere. The Hutchinson Parkway still has a pretty long, decent delay here and across county because that earlier accident at Lincoln Avenue, the delays there go back to Colonial Avenue. Not stopping go, but they are heavy. The Jigen is doing well except north down between 95 West Tremont Avenue. We've got some traffic there. Remember that truck that was there for about two hours near Yankee Stadium on the Jigen North bound. He's gone and we are bumper to bumper on the South down Bruckner from White Plains Road. To the Bronx River Parkway, where there's roadwork, and then again, you're the hunts Point drawbridge, but not because the hunts point drawbridge construction. There's an accident there now, and so we've got eastbound delays to into that area to start back at Longwood Avenue. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels roadwork in the 59th Street Bridge. We have bumper to bumper for the Queen's Boulevard approach.

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