Interview With Matthew McConaughey


Hanging out there. I'm a lifelong new yorker Hanging out in crested butte colorado. Right now and On monday night there was barely any moon in this guy. Nine thousand feet so there's no clouds and there's a meteor shower and it was on the news so i went outside so midnight. I'm standing out in the middle of nowhere. Like ink black skies that stores are just dripping into the ground and they're shooting stars kenley going across and i've got you in my right ear half reaching half telling stories and just thinking to myself. This is an interesting moment. My go-to places always been nature. It's where i stone and it seems like for you. There's somethin' can magical about the combination of nature in solitude. Also yeah. I like that term issues. It's where i touch stone. You said i like that. I'll steal that but a footnote you Yeah for me on just on always can measure. I'm sam in la. I'm in new york. And i'm working. I'm hammered thanks On the day to day gallaudet responsibilities. I'm good at doing that. But all of a sudden when i find is go i'll get ahead of time meaning arab six o'clock yet it's four. Twenty two off cheeks will slow down. So if i go click off check out to have my time in nature or be outside. Get back with the rhythm. That's my vertically stacked responsibilities income comeback guys it was fuel embassy to about three fifteen and i look at the mark o'clock. Don't wear a watch the phone as three seven t there we go okay like a minute or two behind actually my favorite spot just a hair like that like that like a great drummer Like the like. The drummer was on that That that was a these things drivers just on the back side of of the to not not on the front side of the wave just on the back side of the way and then i find that things. All that vertically stacked responsibilities that i'm feeling like accomplishes accomplished knock this down. And i you know start to run on reserve that lays down and becomes lateral in front of me and i can see it all sudden instead of the proverbial weight on the shoulders of that large stack. There's no late on the show because now it's loud in front of me. I can see wanted time. Gotta hop from lily badly. Get just as much or more with a lot less stress after and that's what nature gives me that clock. I think for me yes. No i love that man that really resonates also been thinking. Interestingly we're in this moment in time where the rate of not just speed but acceleration of everything boom boom boom boom boom. It feels like the way that most people are trying to quote keep up with that keep their head above water. Hold on for dear. Life is to accommodate by trying to develop the skill of moving faster right. And it's interesting because for me. What i've been really thinking about lately and kinda see is similar to what you just described is will maybe the better way to handle. This is actually light to cultivate the practices that allow you to slow down time and discern what really matters rather than trying to take it all in and keep up with everything you will the bandwidth we definitely. We would definitely some universally agreed on governor or sifter or or a drain to sift out a lot of needless frequencies or the did the non-constructive frequencies to make room for clear channel for the stuff that matters. That's dog onshore in may be that by process of elimination by process would make room for the things that that that really do matter. That are successful that you can you know have make a living with as well but also Feed us may make room for that those bandwidths to to be de bruyne lighter and have more of an auto bahn you know in their transference To and from us and when they get us even more of an audubon from art nugget to our heart you know that's another audubon frequency. I mean there's just a much sifted through. I think matters what doesn't end what's that governor for society enforces individuals. His oh this actually matched. And i sometimes think that society has gotten to point now where they actually see most of news frequencies that they all that sorta like. I'm taking it too seriously. Maybe like come on man. You don't need to believe that now. They're kind kinda feel excited behind the rag on lincoln to we know it's all soft porn. We gotta get it. We know it's all tmz. I mean this whole even even gleaning big about that with politics. It's up and go. Is everyone kind of get. Get the g. And is that a good thing that things that we had reverence for courtrooms that were never. We were never allowed in political leadership positions. That were by over there in that place on top of that hill that now we like. Oh that we've been in. There would be

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