The Future of Healthcare with Teladoc Health Chief Medical Officers


Well the country in the world's talking about it. I want to start with one year colleagues Shop and i want you to listen to so much. Answer this question to Jennifer schneider She's quoted as saying the following things. Virtual healthcare is growing. It's getting to the point now. You're not going to hate it. What does it mean to you when you hear. A clinician say to a group of patients were consumer class. That you're not gonna hate this anymore. What comes to mind. And how does this relationship solve that problem of disliking the care you were getting going to the big parking lot paying the seven dollars and a park having to walk through the labyrinth dodging david bowie on the way to your clinic and finally getting there to see who you needed to see what comes to mind there when you hear jennifer say that it. It's a great summation of. What would i have felt that has been broken. Healthcare for past fifteen years. As i think we also s consumers in this marketplace obscene seen how content has been reorganized by the internet how communities have been reorganize how entertainment commerce more recently even banking. When was the last time that you actually stepped foot in a bank. And so this this notion of you're gonna drive twenty to thirty minutes to this obstacle or building and then ended up waiting an hour at least I think comes an hours like a a gift to see physician. Pretend to fifteen minutes us. We'll give you a whole bunch of information that you're not gonna process And send you on your way driving back down twenty or thirty minutes in some cases i haven't come back again. You know in two or three days or a week is you've got to get lab tests. Imaging tasks don seem so You know sort of disconnected from how we live our lives today in terms of the immediacy of the things that were able to get it all at our fingertips and so I think this is what jennifer was talking about it. I think you alluded to just so nicely is the experience of inter connectivity through now wearable sensors software that personalizes methodist to you And always on connectivity Through the cloud Starting to make its way into healthcare and covid nineteen is only accelerated people's view in notion of what's possible in healthcare that today was just a method or a vision it is absolutely accelerating ed From everyone we've been speaking to And of course you are walking this walk on the acceleration happening before we're ready So it's really an exciting time. It also can be a harrowing right if you're not prepared for loot when you hear jennifer say consumers and patients aren't gonna hate healthcare anymore because they're they're access the can get what what comes to mind view especially in terms of telecom. Bunga sure so. I think that people often talk about. How virtual care makes access so much easier and they often frame this in terms of a conversation around what you might consider medical convenience And i'd like to just draw out the issue that it's not just a question of convenience. It's really around the quality of care so on telemedicine side we see many individuals who seek care and they end up having pretty serious medical problems like a recent case where the individual Actually had some big chest discomfort in our little shortness of breath and ended up having multiple blood clots in his lungs and he would have just probably waited it out at home with really a life threatening medical condition and on the longo side. You're really talking about individuals who for the first time in their lives are taking care of these problems around blood. Sugar control blood pressure control. So they're really getting the care that they need because we've made it easier for them and have lowered a number of these barriers which are traditionally put the place and may care most difficult and as you might imagine during the time of covid. All of these issues have been highlighted. So if you are at home trying to do your telecommuting also trying to teach your kids at the same time who might be doing their own remote learning. It may not be the easiest thing for you to decide that you need to take you know a bus to a train to train to bus in order to get to a medical appointment to have somebody review your blood sugars with you so to make that care possible particularly in this time just makes all the sense in the world.

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