#1357 Are You Counting On Masks?


And dr drew show. Get it on. Get on with the doctor. Is board certified specialist our right so we were talking the other show about testing and i was telling my story which sort of led into my family's testing story and i wanted to discuss what what we know about testing So first things first. When i hear from the news and when i hear from cnn and gavin newsom we need more than we have past more testing. Right we're gonna solve this with testing. First thing i do. Is i raised one eyebrow fucking retards a wrong about everything so now. They're emphatic about something. So anything garcetti and new some and cuomo any of these things these jack offs are about or cnn. Whenever there in fatty about something. I'm like the one of the ironies of the testing thing. That find amusing is that. They're very focused. On present percent positivity well the more testing you do the more. You drive that number down. And so it's like you get to focus on one or the other you don't get to focus on both so say that again if you if you're suddenly have a flood of testing results it's gonna probably drive down the percent positivity because you're just going to get a lot more testing done and there's going to be a lot more people that aren't sick right. The we heard monday. I think it was monday. That woman was freaking out about tennessee. Being nineteen percent positivity rate. I bet the test here. It's very low in tennessee. So you can. Also you can get tested on a monday and convert on tuesday. So you not be positive on monday and test on a tuesday baas it. That's the problem with ice. Pick so to speak. Testing is picking time. We're going to get a cross section right now in this moment a lot of those people who are negative are going to convert in the next five days right so testing you tell me. This is an accurate statement like the nba or the nfl or some real professional outfit and you're just going to test every day. That's a bubble. Yes then that's effective. Yes if you're going to notice people still convert within the bubble right. It's like they keep it out completely. If you're going to test you just going to go in and get one passed on a monday and again not follow it up with any more tests than that's better than nothing but it's not gonna tell you everything you need to now right so then. There's even another controversy. I mean first things first. You could get tested on a monday. Convert on tuesday and think you're safe correct. You could also test on a monday and then go fucking pick your kids up at your friend's house and get it on tuesday more later on on monday. Be exposed to it right right so to me. I was a combination between long lines. I'm not down with standing in line number one. And how effective is this. I mean and what about. I'll give an example Brian from our show went and took a drive through tests in may but what good does that do him now zero. We'll anyone who got tested a month ago unless they were positive than you could feel good right but the negative test from two weeks ago he just got test again and then he got tested again. So there's a lot of tested many times. There's a. There's a line by where i live. And there's a testing center and that fucking line just went all the way around the block and especially when they socially distance and all. I do drive. Pass it and go. I never wait that line so out of curiosity if somebody was preparing for christmas. Let's say and they were going to see their family member. What's your best strategy. If you were able to to start getting tested on december fifteenth stay isolated and get tested three or four times in that ten day period. Yeah

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