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And then that's why i'm voting for now that's a that's going to be like. What the heck did we say. We just missed that cold cut. Sean so i i mentioned were talking mainly for forbes. We're gonna take this audio. Put it out as a cast as well and I want everyone who's listening and stuff to to know that this is kind of interesting. I mean i was just decided. I'm going to watch a documentary. While i'm on my treadmill and so choose brand new recommended for me net flicks versus the world on amazon prime which reading from imdb the story of how a tiny broke silicon valley startup slew giants of the movie rental world warded off amazon and forced movie making and distribution into the digital age. And i was blown away by it. And i mean like who made this thing and then i said who shone coffin and i want to make sure i don't forget so i i learn a little bit about you from your website. Texas movie director dot com. I then started stalking you on twitter. Where you're handle is dude versus movie. And that's a dude. Vs movie and i reached out and said hey man. I'm a fan from a couple of angles a the netflix's story but also what it's like to be an indie moviemaker these days. Do you wanna talk and you were nice enough to say yes. So welcome to the cast. Thanks for chatting for forbes. Thanks for having me. I mean when you reached out. Like i've i've actually used twitter to reach out to people that watch the movie. So it's it's interesting to talk to people from like south. Africa are vancouver or across the pond in england. Because you know as a you know Independent moviemaker here in austin texas outside of hollywood itself. It's it's cool to have your work seen around the world expr- especially when it was a. It was a tough hill to climb so to speak to get the film ned. Well we'll get more into that in a second but so how. How did you get into the movie making business. What's your back when you look like a pretty young guy so to have something like you know out there like this seems pretty. Cool my Camera must be doing good things for me. 'cause i'm i'm thirty seven i have Four children and they definitely make me look tired. all the No so i I went to i. I went to college here in austin at university of texas to become the next you know mcconnell. Hey no no. I'm a texan. So i wanted to university of texas to get a film degree in the graduated I worked on a few independent films. Here in austin and then started working for tv on a show called room raiders. The basically someone would go through three different rooms in based on that they would decide who they went on a date with So yes oh. That show ended up getting canceled. But i moved out to la. And i did a celebrity interviews and red carpets for a platform call cannot lose which is a european station and i worked for the spanish version of that and so i was out there in hollywood for bed and and most most people in la will attest to this. Like you're not going to own a house in l. a. Unless like you're like a millionaire. You're hitting a big. We decided although i loved l. a. in i loved what i did out in la. I wanted to move back to texas. I could actually own a house tonight. And i ended up back out here but i always had the desire to kind of a make movies and like i said before having poor children young girls madeta girls In my wife having a successful career herself documentary as is what you can do. Is you could go fly somewhere for a week. Flight home to be with the family and everything so That's that's what i did in the first movie i worked on. There is a couple of guys making a trying to raise money to make a documentary about nickelodeon. And i grew up in that nickelodeon like i loading kid like. I didn't have the disney channel nickelodeon so it was definitely something that i was like. Well i'm used to interview in celebrities in such such like that. So i can jump onto this project and help them because Interviewing people for movies. Like tom cruise and will smith and everything. I knew the nickelodeon people weren't going to be above that level. So i was are used to working with a high profile tile talent so i came on there I helped shoot. I helped edit. And i helped produce and then at the end of that. I was looking on the next project i wanted to do in the book and i don't. I don't read a lot. Because i'm always jumping from show to show or working on different cell for spending time with my family but i read this book. That's called netflix. That epic battle for america's eyeballs which gina keating wrote. And it was. it was about netflixing their origin. That would be a great documentary. So i reach out turn. I was like hey. I'm starting my next documentary. I would love to interview you. She said why Actually started my documentary Maybe we should team up. And so that's how the the movie started.

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