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She called you his home for Ben Shapiro. 8 90. W. L s Traffic. Get nearly 4 55 on the outbound, Eisenhower. Old post office out 12 38 minutes 51 minutes out around 3 90 Eisenhower Inbound 3 90 into the old post office 57 minutes 42 minutes in from both. Arm. Be Tri State, South bound approaching 95th Street. Stop and go Traffic from the Stevenson. This is due to an accident where the right shoulder is blocked. Meanwhile, on the Stevenson I 55 outbound lakeshore drive out to the tri state 35 45 out the 3 55. And on the Kennedy outbound downtown to Montrose, 24 43 out to O'Hare. Take the express lanes, 15 minutes, our next traffic updates during the by the clock news. Hi tech. Get more for your home for less during low season of savings event like free delivery on a G laundry pair with flex suspense from Lowe's Flex suspense makes doing laundry easier by automatically releasing liquid or powder detergent, fabric softener and even detergent packs at the right time for faster activation and improved cleaning. You also deserve free delivery and you'll get it too.

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