Microsoft Edge for Linux Discussion


So this past month. I've been using the microsoft edge. Web browser own lennox That's an Development actually part of the microsoft insider program and As you know microsoft edge is what comes with windows and lennox my primary operating system. Mx lennox sabih specific So i never use edge myself. I'm a. I'm a guy right. But i do know that edge came out not too long ago from microsoft's that's been out for a while but they recently rewrote it of course Edge and internet explorer have a reputation of being the browser that used to download google chrome. Yes yes so but yeah. Edge recently switched to the chromium engine or the blink engine which is what chrome and chromium years. Yes so they decided to work on a lennox version of the browser k. Yeah now for Years of before satya nadella took over as ceo Microsoft had a history of attacking olympics and open source software and The bottom line would you expect. Yeah i know right. But i think sought adela has learned to use lennox to his advantage but many lennox users. What fine using microsoft edge. A bit blasphemous. Alan is there that much hatred for the for microsoft. Oh oh yeah and the lennox community. There's a lot of hatred for microsoft Some people in the lennox community are accepting microsoft. A bit more these days. Yeah and we'll get into that but Microsoft under like steve palmer specially somewhat under bill gates. But i don't know if it was that bad but the bomber years Gosh bomber hated open source software really. yes Yeah and and the source. People like microsoft. Either you know they. They were everything that stood against open source software. You know i mean you got to fundamental differences in values. You have microsoft which is proprietary closed source software. You don't get to the source code. It's up now. They do have some open source software. We'll get to them a little bit and then of course a lot of lennox users they're open source activists pretty much they wanna see as much open source software out there as possible. So so yeah. They'd think that using a microsoft product on a lennox distribution as blasphemous even though there are microsoft products on now like vs code and some others all mentioned that So under site in the del la off microsoft has embraced one x a bit more. Now yes lenox does cut into their bottom line of it but microsoft has learned how to use lennox of for their bottom lines. Microsoft has released. Vs code which is available for winnick's And it's up source

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