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You can see about all kinds of online courses that the winning portal provis particularly focusing on training for hospitality staff associates and also leadership and anyone. He is who want to brush up their skill. So let's get started about the roy to is based in bangkok. Lot of things. I want to talk to you out. But the considering the the limit of time One of the things. That of course i was just watching the news in europe about france how and also a central europe and on multiple that matter where There there's no flights coming in basically a lockdown and obviously the first things that will happen. Our restaurants will have a really difficult time and obviously question survival. So could you share your views about the how after the how things have changed once you have high revenues. You could hide multitude of sins. Always reality now. What are the things that the restaurants should be focusing on until they are can get back on their feet. You know the first thing And you know at the end of the day. It's not crushed customers. That drive are is this. It's the numbers that drive the business. And so it's it's very very important in every business to really understand how you're going to preserve liquidity now the challenge we have with this. Covert pandemic is even her in thailand. Things have been much more complacent than anywhere else in the world. You know. we'd estimated. Initially cohen was going to last three months. We've only went down when it went through one up period of lockdown. You're looking at europe. And other places that are now going through their second period cases arising so it's very the the situation is is very complex and it's very difficult to assess you know when things are going to get better. I liken this to a talk. I was at where i listened to a military Commander who was talking about giving us some advice on how to tackle with covid and he said you know you guys are doing what we do all the time. When we're in a in a in a in a war situation we strategically think about where we're going to attack the enemy but at the end of the day we don't really know where the enemy is. Sometimes we don't know who it is and we don't aware he's going attack from so till the kobe pandemic is is very similar to you know what military commanders face when they're in a time of war we don't know much about the pandemic we don't know how it's going to attack us and we don't have the solutions to it yet. There are some you know some good news. That's coming up so you know as a restaurants are the most important thing is to preserve liquidity But as an industry you know. I think we got away a long time without looking at you know what really drove our business. Many restaurant in independent restaurants grew out of mom and pop operations. They did very very well. Revenues were so great. The money was pouring in and so it didn't really become important for them to look at key performance indicators today and going forward i believe that The business will primarily be driven through an understanding of the key performance indicators that drive our business and we're gonna have to become more efficient and more productive in the way that we do that. So whether it's looking at you know You know staff utilization for example and make sure where becoming efficient in that you know. I don't know if you know. Restaurants were really calculating. The food and beverage costs. Everyone said that they were doing the boat. Were they doing that. You know is their ability to use ingredients in different types of dishes. So that there's less waste you know looking at all the you know. Can we reduce our menu so that we're not offering a much larger menu than we did before. Which would leverage you know. More lower cost items. Are we looking at what sells. What isn't what sells. what doesn't cells. Are we looking at in a delivery environment. What is which of our foods on. Our menu are better suited towards delivery. Right if you're going to sell something that you know if your cell prawns for a grilled prins for example you know that once the delivery guys come and pick that up. There's quality issue because it's not from the oven to the table so we need to be concerned about those kinds of things because we wanna make sure we can maintain the quality of our food when it leaves our restaurant and arrives on the plates of our customers at their at their homes for example. So there's a lot of implications today. I think that delivery is one of the big ways to survive. It's the only way to survive at the high cost. But that means going to your delivery providers if you have the the strength you know. We're we're a multi restaurant group so we have a little bit of poll to go to the delivery guys and say. Hey a its covid. You need to

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