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War in yemen has been one of the grimmer stories unfolding anywhere on earth for roughly six years now for most of that time it has struggled fool widespread and much more so this year as the rest of the world was preoccupied with the obvious. One of the reasons that yemen has been under reported is that it has been difficult and dangerous to report from monocle. Twenty-fourth beirut correspondent. Leyla moulana alone has recently been to yemen and joins me now a layla. First of all the logistics at this point of getting in and out of yemen. How do you do it. The logistics arch freaky and there are multiple ways now. there awesome flights operating into yemen. And on the way in the way it was done. was through cairo's flying into cairo. And then going into an applet. Who'd you in the south now the flights of neuron a few times a week. They don't necessarily ron time. All hugely overbooked. Of course with people want to go on another extremely expensive as what happened with us. Was that when we lost one can can you then looking out as well because these flights are constantly moving. So it's very unsure when you go in how exactly oh gutting be able to get out and in all case We had to change into a land route option and dry options country which took days because the flights simply went operational on the way out so not necessarily the stable of travel. Itinerary will clearly once in yemen which parts of it. Were you actually able to see so. I was in shabwah. Governorate which is in the south is traditionally very Very tribal governor. At and at the moment it's now the only southern governor this fact compete under the control of the central government it was until the end of two thousand and nineteen ponti occupied by the some transitional council which is the nutritional southern separatists of southern yemen. But they were pushed out at the end of two thousand and nineteen alongside the shabani elite forces which were essentially local mercenaries hired and backed by the united arab emirates. Who of fighting that. They had been fighting against al qaeda terrorists forces that they will push out the two thousand eighteen so it is now backsitting under government control but of course at still a lot of controls over the different parties that some things. That isn't the right decision. So in that part of yemen is life relatively stable and peaceful on the one hand is driving around the capital city act. They're all going up. There are shop opening people walking around. That does seem to be a bishop. Prosperity come back and stuff. People was antony there were jobs hidden now. We can't find jobs in other areas with coming his to work so in on that side of things know that building tourist complex building hotels that very hopeful that the level of stability having now even things like went scoreless Address the that level of civility means that they will have increasing prosperity. The problem of course is firstly that the country as many said to me is still seen as water but also there are a lot of problems with stability they currently have posited is because there is oil. it's one of the three governorates that has a lot of oil in yemen and the governor has made a deal with the central government that they get a twenty percent cut. That goes straight to the governor at so they can invest in rebuilding infrastructure analytical houses in the governor at. That's a great deal. But a lot of people in southfield they should be getting even more not so much of it should be going to the central government that trying to encourage more western oil companies to come back in as also lots of liquid natural gas that the moment there is just one australian oil company functioning on The moment there is just one austrian oil company who is currently can shop. Hope that increase was fired. You enjoy -tunities Very unstable as i say with the political situation still going around. They're all active. Frontlines from the nearest one is in marriage to the north. That's fine with the season is also still frontlines. The southern traditional council as well given everything you've said about life in shaw born those soins reasonably encouraging signs of some sort of return to normality. Does it feel like the government is itself a self contained country at this point. Is there much talk about trying to put yemen back together. So this is the big question with some people are saying shove what is the example of how of federalist yemen could work. You know in which the different governorates level tournament. A certain amount of money to run that own concerns are loyal to a central government and of course contribute troops to a central government. Which is what's currently happening. Lots of shift one young men going and fighting own the nearest frontline that the government has up in a way in tons for its relationship that they have on say. The governor is a loyal to central. Government has a good working relationship barron which she has been given this level of autonomous theoretically that is hopeful future. The problem is that people are fighting for different reasons. This is something people kept saying to me that you know there are some people who had the interest of the money interest of the oil. The pool of calls many people saying that the uae and the arabia of that those reasons. But then you've got some transitional council bay come from a long line of people who believe that the south of the. Nfl is completely different from the nose. Should be united and shouldn't be wrong from the north which causes where at the central government is based although i should say that most of the people who make up the central government actually are outside the country right now because he ended so constantly moving on stable But seth me they're southerners new feel wouldn't at shouldn't be enrolled in the as the south bend. Of course you have. The who fees. Who are the shiite iran backed militia. Who are still fighting in. How occupied a lot of the north of the moment. They are running at sanaa city at the moment still and they of course flight final ideology and copy one of my money as many people said to me that it's not just about these business relationships on the national resources so while the idea the united yemen too. Many people is hugely appealing. And so many people that saying can you with retired war. We want peace. We want elections. We just want to get on with our lives and have yemen stop being associated with the idea of this ongoing horrific war which the united nations is called the greatest humanitarian crisis currently in the world but whether or not that's realistic the number of political issues currently butting up against each other both in tunnel and the proxy wars being fooled by international powers is is another question is obviously not short of problems but it was also burden this year as every country on earth walls by the covid nineteen pandemic. Were you able to get much sense of how that has affected life in yemen or how yemen with the resources it has has been able to handle it so the area i was in has extreme yellow covid figures at least in tons of what's being counted now going in i thought perhaps they simply aren't being counted all covered up in some way. One of the arguments is of course. It doesn't really make sense for the government to be covering up coach. Vic is because it's one way of them getting access to aid. Amy because so much aid money to other projects has been coastal this year because it will bring directed towards codex but in the area. I was in shock whistle. The numbers are extremely loads. They do have a new testing center in the capital of. Its just couple of months old. That's incompletely funded and built by the saudis very center. It isn't getting much use because they don't seem to be that many people coming in now elsewhere in yemen. The problem has been much worse. Part of the reason might be that there is not that much movement in the south. Where's the north in ogden. In saana a further away from that is a lot of moving there and we. Stephanie seen horrific numbers of people really struggling particularly ibp comps. Where who's it spreads wildfire. Now i did meet with several people who said that in the prisons. The situation is getting much worse as well. I spoke a couple of prisoners families who said that they the dominant co code in prison and the conditions were horrendous. They were not being freed Unlike many prisons seeing around the world who've been given a thorough from prison while the coronavirus has been spreading shouts great concern. The big problem really is as i say. That was not much of it to be seen at the moment. But the very worried about Of course we know that in the summer does seeing that the transmission. I'll in the winter. Once that construe immune systems are the health service simply The local hospital is absolutely overwhelmed. Ready mary i was having a den. Gay deng massive outbreak which is affecting a lot of young children in particular from the rural areas. You have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get to the hospital. So although right now where i was as i say not that big a problem if it does hit in the winter and docs saying they're concerned about that. It would be really really devastating. The muslim needs right now. Layla milana allen in beirut. Thanks for joining us.

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