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Culture. They brought a high level of physical and mental toughness. They have found something on the offensive end that two men game a lot of slipping. I know they did A very good job Lakers trying to contest three's anticipating that, But PJ, I wonder, you know, if you're Frank Vogel, how much you're looking at. How many times you got hurt? Going to the cup while going to the cup? Jimmy Butler was beyond magnificent. I mean, 25 points 11 for 12 from the free throw line, and that was a key. All night for Miami. They ended up 31 for 30 for literally doubled the Lakers in field goal attempts. Now that's a little bit of a commentary, also on Miami's defense aide can't score that many points with without going to the file, and he was one for one from the free throw line. You can't let a guy go for that many points without putting him on the line. Remember what Erik Spoelstra told us the non schematic points? That idea's scoring. How many times in late games did he get those three offensive boards and score on? Each of them were just kept the pressure on Miami. They couldn't finish the defense of possession with a defense of rebound. No, I think nine was as close as they got it, but the heat can take an awful lot from this game. But still without Bam out of bio and or Goran drag Ege. They can't get it done. If bay matter, Buyo comes back, and he's anything they like. What he's been throughout these playoffs. We're going to have an excellent game three well, a finals record for the Lakers 16 threes on a Lakers finals record. 47 attempts L. A. With the two games to none lead in the finals as they beat Miami won 24 to 1 14 for Doris Burke and PJ Carlesimo. I Marquess to share right here on your home for the N BA Finals, ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Lakers win in the first two Miami now in a hole. Jimmy Butler. 25 points 13 assists in the game to loss, But he and the heat have lost the first two were going around with this thing. To the world fall

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