Mobile Voting's Future


Maybe you've heard there's an election coming up. If you're voting and you didn't manage to get an absentee mail in ballot, you may have to spend hours waiting in line at your local school or Church to vote depending on which of the more than ten thousand election jurisdictions you're in. You could find yourself lead pencil in hand trying not to mark outside the lines of the bubbles on your ballot. And while you're standing there, you'll probably be spending time playing with your phone, checking your texts or even doing some chores. You might be transferring money to a friend for coffee or filling out your grocery water or shopping for clothes. Then it may on you I can do all these things on my phone. So why can't I vote on my phone? The idea of mobile voting is so enticing. Idea that you could just let people vote on their phones. This. Is My colleague Wall Street Journal reporter Paul, Vigna it would be easier. It would be more convenient. It would increase voting because of the convenience asking people to take time out. Of Tuesday avoid hated the idea that we give people one day in the middle of the week to vote of never understood it entrepreneurs have latched onto this idea they've begun developing mobile phone voting APPS and philanthropists are already funding some mobile voting APPs in a handful of jurisdictions. My hope is that this kind of becomes the Black Swan Moment for mobile voting, other countries including India away Switzerland and Canada have already taken up internet voting Estonia has been doing it for more than a decade. But some people have deep concerns and the resistance is coming from some of the smartest technologists in the room. So it is a great question if we can shop in bank on nine, why not vote online? Well, elections actually have surprisingly unusual requirements. An unusual risks which means that online voting would open up the potential for all sorts of new attacks and be really much more risky. But. While we're waiting in the precinct line on November third, our risk reward analysis of mobile voting might take a turn. Can you honestly tell me someday five ten years down the road of the keep experimenting with this that they will not be able to come up with a system that is secure.

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