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And I saw a few problems I started consulting with companies star Knobs, and those problems were one. No one really had a clue of how much. Artificial intelligence could do or not do for voice applications that was like one challenge I soul the second challenge I saw his because. Some people knew other people did know. Everyone had different ideas at team alignment was very, very difficult around these new projects. One of by one of my clients actually one day said, hey, here's a pedia. You can feed it to the machine and he saw that conversation with just magically start. So because of that. Difficult team alignment, revenue voice technology not everyone had the same knowledge which was really a a gap that needed bridging. Not. Enough user input because it wasn't new technology was very often about getting the technical goal prototypes right So definitely user centrists also something I was of getting worried about. And so Because I wanted to make sure that these innovation products moved at the pace that they needed to move. For them to stay in alternative and not to be an officer saw. What everything had already happened I thought. Okay. Well, I need to be looking at the methodology. Dad Does these things that team alignment and speed And so the designs sprint nationally came to mind because that's exactly that that's what it says sold. Big Problems. In just five days that's seems beach of did sign sprint say yeah. Just how to look at the Google side and. The sprint book suggests that Yeah Five Day process for answering critical business questions through design prototyping and testing ideas with customers allows you to forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions before making any expensive commitments. That's the key point rights before you build a product or we spend a lot of money on it, you WanNa everyone in the room you want to get those those insights as quickly as possible. Until. I started doing some design sprints. And experimenting with it, and I quickly saw It sold the of problems. But it didn't soul. The learning guy didn't solve the knowledge gap. or number disciplines when it came to voice Bennett came George official, intelligence. So that was one thing that I found that wasn't being sold and was feedback on from I. Did sprints Prince Okay Well. We did the designs but I do have is cool. But we still feel like we don't really grasp how we can move this forward because don't really understand what is possible or not festival with Roy. How Voice and how his integrates with our databases. To how we can make it all really happen after these four days of getting prototyping I saw wasn't the case to give a presentation on on on the basic elements of voice and then dive into A. Standard Poodle Google sprint, or why was it necessary to actually adapter the sprint sprint processing itself the designed sprint presents kercheval because I don't believe in I didn't believe in doing boring presentation. because. It is well known that people are in best at integrate, knowledge. Bass. Boat under Senate with their heads and feel it. Emotionally Dr bobbies like it's a, it's a whole. Listrik. Law earning especially the one things to say in the long term memory. The most senses that you stimulate journey and experience more members than the more likely people to take action on that I exactly. I found that very important that was once. One to make it boring. Boring to people by giving him us. And so. Second. Second thing also is that Google. Presenting the action sprint. But. That was really just focused on. Google actions. So it didn't take into account the fact. Being Platform Agnostic didn't take into account the fact that you may want to do other things but was unjustified Google action. You may want to optimize your current contents voice you may want to start thinking about. Voice is a lot of. Different things it's not just always Asians on smart seekers. and. So Because of died, the voice asks sprint was born with these particular almonds it's platform agnostic. It takes into account all different variations on domain can. Be Part of. As a likely threat route content throughout different channels and third of all it leverages serious play. So, that people can really not only understand with their minds. What voice technology is about what users are experiencing with their brands And but also really embody those things. To. Miss Sue serious play to role play. The exercise has been built around the main, the site sprint structure like design thinking structure alternating bud divergent and converse converging thoughts and activities but also. Around alternating. Mind and body activitees. Okay. Well, let's. Those in a in a second, and can you give us the brief outline of what the standard Google Design Sprint looks like we've got the structure in our minds looking at diagram hair of. The Agile Sprint. Learn was sorry idea builds launch learn and then you around the loop but the design sprint just shortcuts the build and the launch phase and it's just from idea to learn idea to learn. So It's actually a triple diamond. Structure. Triple. Diamonds not and it's almost like an outcome. A Journey by. The end you end up with gold. Dangerous Gear, unto me. Tell us what the main elements sent to the design sprint earth. Elements are. Understand. What all about understanding the business Expectations understanding user and understanding the use case. Than you have define phase which you defined, which US guys you'll be tackling in which you make some specifications about what you will be doing for the rest of his friend is about making the plan.

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