Judge blocks Texas governor's order limiting mail ballot drop-off sites


Ah federal judge in taxes is blocking it order from Governor Greg Abbott that limits the number of locations where voters can drop off mail in ballots. Matt largely of member station Kut and Austin reports seven Rabbit issued an order limiting each Texas County to a single drop off location. No matter what the population of the county is Harris County, where the city of Houston is has nearly five million residents. County had originally planned 12 drop off locations before it was limited to one. Abbot's order came as a record number of Texans requested mail in ballots, and the Postal Service itself warned that it might not be able to reliably deliver ballots given Texas's mail in ballot deadlines. Voting rights groups sued in federal court, arguing the move amounted to voter suppression. A judge agreed to temporarily block Abbot's order, ruling that there was no credible reason to limit the number of drop off sites. It's likely the state will

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