Ex-wife, two teens arrested in alleged murder-for-hire plot in Bellevue, Seattle


Tonight. We're learning more details in a shocking Bellevue murder for hire plot. Police say a woman promised to pay a teenage boy thousands of dollars to kill her ex husband. Know what 11 come, was tending to talk to the man who was shot nine times and survive. Married. That's right tonight. I talk to Baron Lee. And this is where he was shot nine times Now. He told me he is processing so many emotions right now. Relief anger disappointment, so he wasn't ready to do an interview tonight. But he told me he still cannot believe that he survived. The's court documents paint a deliberate and disturbing murder for hire scheme, Bellevue police say sharing Kelly hired a 17 year old boy to murder her ex husband, Baron Lee, and offered to pay the teenager $13,000 something like this is where It is rare on the day of the shooting in July. Police say the 17 year old got his friend to drive him to the Overlook at Lake Mont Apartments in Bellevue, where court documents say he was going to cap someone and empty the clip. Police say the 17 year old gunmen ambushed Lee, shooting him nine times The victim fell to the ground. The suspect stood over him and continued to fire, according to court documents. Lee said he couldn't think of anyone who would want to kill him besides his ex wife, saying they were in the midst of a very acrimonious custody battle that also included a financial motive for Kelly to have sole custody of their child. Detectives say Kelly even bought a GPS tracking device that was found under lease car. She purchased the GPS tracker and that was connected to the second suspect. There is evidence that she conspired to commit the murder. Now investigators tell us, they tracked down those two teenagers and Kelly using surveillance, video search warrants, soulful media and technology. She's expected back in court in the next few weeks back to you. All right, Jocelyn Bell tonight Thank you. Tammy.

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