Lockdowns And Lies - burst 05


Thing and he was A. Hit. Some great jokes there. But he he was like, one of them was when he was saying, he was like you know the Oscars was pretty white in the fifties and the sixties to, but black people in protest it because we had real shit to protest. And it was like it was just wonderful and it's and Chris rock of course again, not a right winger not coming from that perspective at all but there's something about that. That's really interesting and I don't know what's maybe I'm wrong about this but I've never heard anyone be funny with woke Shet. I just don't think it can be done. Now I'm not saying someone who believes some of this woke shut can't be funny but they're being funny separate from that I'm saying like with woke shit be hilarious never seen it done something about being hilarious always involves tallying uncomfortable truths and you can't do that in the confines of of woke and so it's just it's always interesting to me to kind of see how people play this stuff and this is part of the reason why Saturday night live has fallen off so much over the years because they don't want to break the woke rules and then you just get into. This botch where it's like it's not being conformist is never hilarious and that's what woke is demands and so it's just kind of I i. don't know I find something really fascinating about the subject I. Guess because like I'm you know the probably my to professional passions in life have been comedy and politics, and this is the intersection of both of them but it's like you know even Saturday. Live when when it's just like you know they're they're trump thing or whatever. It's just never good because you're like was just so odd you're just preaching a dog matic agenda it's not funny. No one ever finds that funny. But anyway. So it was interesting to see Bill Burr, go on there and fuck all the people who are offended by like. I. I don't know it's it's a it's a great opportunity to to tell people

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