#474 - Cheering From the Beyond

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Into horse racing. There's this very particular famous occasion where Pierre's horse won the Darby, which of course, is in England and he was. Very very excited and the first person who came to see when he got back to. Paris Chanel and. She was determined. Lee Not going to complement him and made out that she didn't know an he said she you know she said what and he said I've just blown the Dhabi not pleased me. That EPSOM Derby win in Nineteen fifty-six with Lebanon was the first of several classic wins for the timer family. Pierre's son Jacques swept the French one thousand and two thousand guineas and the French. Derby in nineteen seventy five, the next year he won Europe's most prestigious race the OCTA triumph for the first time shock wanted again in nineteen, eighty one. As for the current birth Heimer Elaine and Gerard still the owners of the house, of Chanel their success started extending to this side of the Atlantic in nineteen ninety-three went Kota Shan won the Breeders Cup Turf over a strong field on route two horse of the year honors. The Birth Hammers won a second Breeders Cup race ten years. Later, the juvenile fillies in two thousand, three with half bridal. But it was an older female that has forever stamped the brothers in the annals of American racing said Hey scanning gentle child. Winding. Senate. Obviously. These do the usual cuties. All the covers catching what they. All we say his data's. Baba? Champion three. Dot West. She is the only horse to win the same Breeders Cup race three years in a row, the mile and with all due respect to Margaret, Thatcher? Golda. Cova is the Iron Lady of the TURF. She'd beat Colts and geldings nine times among her seventeen career wins even though she raced in this country just four times Golda Cova was inducted into the racing hall of Fame Saratoga in two thousand, seventeen and happy saver and Trevor McCarthy asked her. Full, run on the outside, they tried to get by Monday morning quarterback who turns her home in the narrow lead against the rail but happy saver on the outside responding head to head battle. Now, happy saver Monday morning quarterback daily inside with a furlong left to go there. Well, clearly the others here's happy saver. Happy saver getting the job done pulling away by two lengths with a sixty th left to go as happy saver in Federico Seo. Now running alongside happy saver as for all of the birth timers. Horses is the legacy of a family of shrewd and dedicated horseman. Savvy, and street. SMART businessmen who outsmarted a despotic empire. and. If you look closely enough, perhaps also running alongside sabre was the fashion legend herself who's complicated relationships and business dealings fueled one of the iconic brand names in all the world. And though so few spectators have been allowed to witness racing and person this year. Maybe Josh. Maybe there was a lady in attendance watching happy saver run who was wearing chanel number five. You can get us on our youtube channel by searching in the gate podcast you can get us on Stitcher soundcloud, tune in the pink apple podcast arap, and of course, in the listen tab of the ESPN. APP. For the full in the gate experience subscribe. Now in the listen tab of the ESPN APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really would help. Others. Find US and might even land us in the best podcast category and the fan choice awards. This November for America's best racing wouldn't that be nice. You can follow me on twitter at be Abrams voice or on facebook at Barry Abrams voice. That's indicate for this week I Barry Abrams. We hope this finds you safe and healthy as you listen to this show and we'll see you next time.

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