You wouldn't want ah, Kobe Bryant to take the last shot over LeBron James.


Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Luca Dodges, James Harden, Kawai Leonard and Kevin Durant over over Lefroy, James, not even close. Ben Simmons for anybody. All right. Hold on for second. Scott. Ah, put you in the running for the $100 gift certificate for de Bruno Brothers at the Bruno dot com. Ah, with all the things that don't happen well enough here in Philadelphia. If you start eating, getting food from the Bruno, you will really enjoy it. There's so much good stuff. They're all right, Hold on, and we'll get your your information and see and we'll decide at the end of the show to 155929494. We'll take some calls after we hear from Mark Lawrence, and that'll be coming up. W e sports Time is now 9 37 and Major League Baseball playoff action. Stepping up to the plate at Borgata Sports, all kinds of great things going on in poor God and the sports book is one of them, and you can do it on your phone's registered today and when $100 in free bets Just pace place a $1 money line wager on any team, and if a homerun is hit in any game

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