Modest Mussorgsky: The Mighty Handful


Hello welcome to classics for Kids I'm Naomi Lewin. The mighty handful may sound like a rock band or a bad babysitting job and the mighty five may sound like a basketball team. But both of those were nicknames for a group of Nineteenth Century Russian composers interested in developing a Russian sound for classical music. Obviously, there were five of them. Mighty handful refers to five fingers. The ringleader of the mighty handful was mealy Bollock, a pianist and composer who wanted to promote nationalism in Russian music in music nationalism refers to a south. That's distinct Taylor country. Sometimes, that's done by using folk tunes, rhythms, or dance forms and a piece of music, but it can also mean including historical characters or legend from a region. While Akira, wrote an overture in which he put pieces of three Russian folk songs. Eventually Bala of became director of the Russian Court Orchestra. But for a while he quipped music and went to work for the Russian railroad in fact, every member of the mighty five held a nonmusical job at one time or another. Alexander Borodino was never a professional musician. He was a professor of chemistry. From the time he was a kid Borodino was very musical but he decided to study science instead he wound up founding the first Russian School of Medicine for women. After he met Bollock. The great cheerleader for Russian Music Borodino. Began composing. But since science and medicine took up most of his time, he didn't get a chance to finish very many pieces. One of the other members of the mighty hand full wound up putting Borodin's opera Prince Ebor into its final form, the man who cleaned up Laura Dean's music and music by quite a few other composers was Nikolai rimsky-korsakov. Rimouski. Korsakov was in the navy when he met up with Mealy, Bollock Kiro and decided that. Should be his life rimsky-korsakov quit the maybe to study composition after teaching himself to compose he wound up as a professor of composition at the new conservatory. In Saint Petersburg Russia rimsky-korsakov was great at orchestration knowing what instruments to assign to which lines of music in order to get the best sound. He finished a lot of pieces that some of his fellow Russians left unfinished and he also rearranged a lot of music some of which didn't necessarily rearranging. The. Last member of the mighty five was Cesar. Has An unusually UN Russian sounding last name because his father was French. In fact, he was a French military officer who decided to stay in Russia after being taken prisoner there while fighting with Napoleon's army. says. We started out in the military too but you guessed it after he met Mealy Bala. Cesar qe became a composer. Even, though he had no Russian ancestors, his mother was Lithuanian qe became a big champion of Russian music just like the other members of the mighty handful. There, you have the other for Russian composers who made up the mighty handful. Bella Kiev Alexander Barra Dean Cesar qe and Nikolai rimsky-korsakov. The fifth of course was this month's composer Modeste Ski. That's no Muss G. N. O., M. US. The GNOME. An m. e. from pictures at an exhibition by modest Mussorgsky's

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