Paola Mendoza on How We Can All be Freedom Fighters



I am so excited to share that today we are joined by Palomino Sir. Thank you so much being on the show with us today for the. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. So first thing I just wanted to say in our last episode, we actually touch a little bit about how important it is that as Latinos and underrepresented communities we continue to own our voice. Get Louder with it, and then we believe in our power to change things I, want to start by just honoring you as an inspiring example of that as the Co Women's March with your book sanctuary the just dropped and just the powerful ways in which you use your platform. So thank you so much for being a model for us of how we how we can do that. Thank you so much for those kind words you know I do the work that I do not for myself. Obviously, but her for my community and for my son in for the young people that are coming up after. I appreciate you know thank you. I want to get into your book before but before that, I wanted to touch on what has felt you know heart shattering and also very poignant in. That's the recent passing of Beta GINSBURG. You've been reflecting on and honoring her life and in many ways, year platforms and one thing that you said that really inspired me was may her memory be a revolution? How has your passing affected you and what do you think this particular moment means for country I think that this moment is a defining moment it is a moment that is defining the future of our country. Obviously Supreme Court, Justice a Lifetime appointment. Is Not about the next year or the next five years or the next decade it's about what this country will will look like for the next forty years. It's what this country will look at for my son's entire life essentially, and that to me is how poor in this moment is for each individual for our future and for our country. So on a personal note, I've been reflecting about the importance of what this moment means. And what it's actually meant for. My past and my pass to get here I immigrated to this country when I was three years old. I came with my mother, my brother we were coming to be reunited with my father and very soon after we got here, my father abandoned us He left my mom with three year old and seven year old new family no English two hundred dollars in her pocket in. La By herself an impossible situation circumstance and just to add to that impossibility three weeks after my father left he my mom found out that she was pregnant. So, she was pregnant on top of justice tragedy and my mother coming from Columbia being ardent Catholic had to make a decision. Thank. God. She was in a country where she could make a decision to choose to have an abortion she chose to have an abortion and that choice that she made literally saved our lives and Now that idea that Possibility Rover says Wade is very much threatened. That millions of women, hundreds of thousands of women might not have that choice in the future in to me. That is a frightening thing to me that. Produces a lot of rage. It makes me be very ready to fight for what we're going to have to do. To save this democracy and save this country. So. What I have been also reflecting on a lot is The. Important. RPG's life and her legacy that she left for us. And clearly. Ruth Bader GINSBURG was meant to live in the time that she was meant to live in. Clearly the work that she was meant to do was meant for those eighty seven years in her life. And I take comfort in the fact that I believe that all of us, each of us were also met for this moment or also meant to be alive. At this moment in time when our democracy is on the brink of collapse when we have authoritarian in office when our feminist icon. Hero. Guardian a democracy has passed and each of us are meant to roll up our sleeves. Get to work and do all the work the dirty work the hard work the good work of saving our democracy because that is what the next. Four days until the election entails and what happens after the election until curation and beyond, and so I want all the listeners to know that they are also met this moment they were born precisely for this time and they have to live up to this moment we all do.

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