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The first time all year? Haley seat was empty when Kloss began. Dylan shot Mary a dirty look as she entered, but he didn't do anything there was no funding tormenting her alone. For once, it seemed like Mary was going to be sped. But then. The door cracked open. A figurative -Ted Walking with a strange pain gate. A Gospel. Spread through the class as one by one they realized it was Haley Traina. Converse. squeaks strangely as they shuffled across the floor, her perfect hair was knotted and wet. Red rivulets running down her face and across her school approved Polo Shirt from head to toe. She looked like the victim of a minor car accident. That teacher screened. Dylan, rushed forward to his bloody mess girlfriend. Mary gaped. Haley ignored Dylan and shuffled straight for Mary's desk. She stayed through her bloody hair Mary. Is Burning with rage. Soon she was close enough that Mary could see the scars that criss crossed her face in groups of three. Her left Illo had been sliced off taking her earring with it. Hailey smelled Mary. But how words were directed at the entire classroom? The death which did this to me. To finish the episode search superstitions on spotify or your favorite podcast APP make sure to follow the series for more stories of ancient beliefs and modern day practices that might just have the power to change our fates. And to him Oh spooky October programming search podcast network in the spotify such aw.

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