So you know, she actually got on me today


Arrest tr y You know, Some people think that doctor Mr is a gimmick. A fake name. It's really hurtful when my wife says it's Krysta. Now you can't say her name. So you know, she actually got on me today about how we never include her in this show, And I was like, Well, every time we talk about your husband, we're talking about a small Penis, right? Does she have something like big boobs and we can talk about is amazing. That's right. This is the men's health show. We talked about a number of men's health topics that affect our community. And we've been so happy to bring the show to you for the last almost a year and a half feels like 13 years. Yeah, I mean, the last years, two years, Donna, why don't you tell people about where practice are and people were all over Central Texas? We're in Round Rock, North Austin, South Boston and Dripping Springs, Texas Cute little dripping springs

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