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Your host Maris cherry and this week. I'm talking with Britt Lyle the second a Motion Graphics designer here in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's start the show. All right. So tell us who you are and what you do. My name is Britt Lyle. I am a motion graphic designer. I'm a graphics assistant at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Now, I've been asking everyone, you know kind of starting off for these interviews how they're sort of holding up right now, you know, we're recording this right now in late September. It's pretty easy. I think well known that we're going to be in the states for a while. Now, how have you been holding up during this pandemic? Oh, wow, there have been like there been good days and bad days. I've been holding up generally well, but like there have been, you know good days and bad days. Like I said I tend to deal with anxiety sometimes so that has been kind of a struggle wage. Kind of cope with along with like just regular anxiety Then the election and covid-19. Like one of the things I learned in grad school is like you have to take time to for yourself, especially in stressful situations. And this entire year has just been one big stressful situation off. So it's very very important to like make yourself as comfortable as possible. Especially someone who like regularly deals with anxiety and off. Yeah, so I just basically just tried to make sure that if I feel like in some type of anxiety attack coming that I make sure to remove myself from the situation and ground myself before coming back to reality so to speak gotcha. Now let's talk about your work at sports and entertainment and can you kind of briefly describe what a MB sports and entertainment is and just sort of what is a regular day like for you right now since you're working from home, so am be Sports entertainment. We are sort of like a company within a company job. We do work for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. My job specifically is Graphics assistant. So basically that means I help out anyone else you need help with any other big project whether it's coming up with Gameday Graphics video editing color correction or any other regular or irregular occurrence. I might occur to you today. How did you get started there on a whim a lot of a lot of the jobs that I've gotten in particularly designed jobs of Applied on a whim. So I was laid off at my previous job, which I was very very sad about and I was just applying applying everywhere that I can and I saw the post for graphics assistant at a MB. And again, it was one of those things for me. It's like I can't in good conscience past this up and say Thursday. I tried everything that I could so I apply thinking that like I wouldn't hear anything and they turned out to be one of the few people that actually gave me like like three rounds of interviews and hired me within like a month. Nice. Yeah, so you mentioned, you know kind of working on these, you know, not random projects, but you kind of work on an ad-hoc basis as an assistance. So are there any sort wage projects that you like take the lead on or you always kind of working in that second kind of capacity mostly in a secondary capacity because there are people who have been there since the building open since as soon as construction ended they hired a design team and those and some of those people have left but there are still some people have been there since its Inception and they kind of know they build out the process. They're the ones who really like all the assignments all of the the dimensions birth. All the renders all of these little details. They're the ones who built it from the ground up and I'm essentially follow the process. I'll give my two cents every now and then if I feel like it'll help but for the most part they have pretty much have like a game plan laid out for how certain things are done and how certain things are processed. And so, you know, just so folks name Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta is fairly new. I think it was opened and what 2018-2017 2017-2017? Okay, and then prior to that it not in the same space, but pretty close to it was the Georgia Dome that's where I used to work actually years and years and years and years ago. I worked for the Georgia Dome the the Georgia World Congress Center and since Olympic Park, so I'm familiar with that whole kind of campus area and I know back then I mean Georgia Dome all that is owned by the state, but Mercedes-Benz is privately owned. Do you know if off? Any of the the Congress Center staff works there also since it's so close not intimately like I think some people transferred but I mean as far as I know most people have been there since MBS was a thing. I'm not sure if any other people from Georgia Congress moved on to other projects, but I do know that they got a lot of different people from a lot of different places to kind of help build this team up. Yeah. I was just always curious about that cuz I still know a good number of people over there so long what's the best thing you would say about the work that you do? All of the work that I do is like kind of unconventional and well, I guess not unconventional like sort of a dimension sizes that I do that I work with like no one else in the world really works with these type of Dimensions cuz inside the stadium there's this song Halo board, and it's like six feet high, I think it's got like Fifty four thousand LED lights on it and the the file sizes and the dimensions that we work with are just pretty unorthodox and pretty wild to kind of like work with and when I first got started, you know someone I got trained in art school or just doesn't in designing was as the standard 1920 x 1080 and then suddenly I have to deal with sizes that are like fifty thousand nine fifty thousand five thousand or ten thousand sizes and it's kind of weird but it's also kind of cool cuz like you you kind of makes my portfolio stand out a little bit off and yeah, I guess that would be the best thing is that like I do I do the type of design that are very different than anyone else does and it may be kind of hard to put on social. Which is why I tend to put it on my website, but at the same time like not a lot of people can say they have designed the stuff that I designed and

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