Houston, Wet Wednesday, A few strong storms possible throughout the day


To check in with Terry Smith. All right, Terry kind of a wet day. I doesn't look like it's coming in all day rain, but at some point I'm just about everybody around here is going to get wet, aren't they? Yeah, I think we're just about everybody's going to see celebrate. Today. We've got this. It's a very slow moving cold front that's making its way. Toward us and a very strong flow of moisture off the Gulf of Mexico. So it's the perfect combination not only for rain, but there's this slight risk of a strong maybe even severe storms today may concern being Some gusty winds with some of those storms. But there's even a slight risk of a tornado. So it's something we'll be keeping an eye on through the day. Mainly just be ready for the rain temperatures today in the mid sixties to low seventies Still, some scattered showers around this evening will dry out late tonight. Now, some cooler, drier air shows up tomorrow and Friday were Sonny. With high temperatures tomorrow and Friday in the mid to upper fifties. It does get warmer, though over the weekend the weekend stride with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low to mid sixties. Saturday and Sunday.

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