A highlight from Little fires, everywhere: Trump Administration returns to form


From washington. I'm chuck todd. And this is the chuck. Todd cast sometime in the future. If you wanna remind yourself what life was like. During the trump administration you can think back to today and have a good sense of how washington operated. Let's go through the last twenty four hours. We receive new reporting. The president is talking about partying pardoning himself and his children federal judge until documents outlining a potential bribery for pardons ski. Meanwhile almost a month after the election the attorney general rebuffed the president's claims of voter fraud while also squeezing in an announcement that a politically motivated investigation into russia. We'll continue into the next administration decision. Mr barmaid in october but didn't announce until after the election and that's not even counting the president's threats to veto defense spending the logjam over covert relief the impending government funding deadline throw the sense in there for good measure as well but maybe the most moving comment came from georgia where republican election official pleaded with electoral elected leaders to stop stoking distrust in democracy and detailed death threats and harassment that vote-counting officials have faith. It all adds up to a field of fires and more than trump's rallies. The twitter attacks constant disinformation. It's at low grade widespread chaos. That are trump's hallmark as president. So joining me today reid epstein politics reporter at the new york times janet hook national political porter the la times and read and janet As you mentioned would we got on the phone together. The three us used to be on conference calls and conversations together quite a bit when you guys were at the wall street journal and we did. The embassy wall street journal poll. So welcome to the todd. Cast both of you. Thanks so janet. I'll start with you here. this was sort of. It was just striking to us to mark marina. When we're putting i read together. It's like poise is just another chaotic. Twenty four hours and this is happening. This is happening. And i said yeah. It's just another day in the trump era. But we're actually contrasting it with the lack of chaos from biden world and so perhaps we're seeing the chaos again like i think we got numb to it for a few years And maybe it's it's starting to be noticeable. Then what do you make of that. Well it really is an amazing twenty four hours that we've just been through You could say though that it's just trump deciding to end his presidency. Exactly the way he began it which was completely breaking norms and sewing chaos wherever he looks it does create a real split screen view of the presidency. When you the days where you're you simply have to pay attention to trump. and then there are other days where he's been quiet and you get to focus on the biden transition. And there it's all you know. Grownup people wearing masks talking about their their mission and it really is a schizophrenic view of washington. It'll read. I get the sense that the white house that there are. And maybe i should expanded out beyond just the white house but sort of in the executive branch. it's you have some that are focused on creating havoc wreaking havoc but there are others. That are trying to do a transition. Are they having a Any success yeah. I mean like you said. It's really a bifurcated situation. Going on where you have a lot of civil servant types or even Some cabinet level officials who are engaging in the traditional transfer of power While you have the president his lawyers Sort of digging their heels in doing everything they can to not just make life difficult for the incoming administration but trying to fire their last bullets to stop in coming administration from happening I spent most of the morning hitting refresh on the wisconsin supreme court website waiting for an opinion that we expect today or tomorrow on the lawsuit that the legal team filed their That's not something that we normally that we expect to have to pay attention to in presidential presidential transitions are a month after the election out watching for the president's campaign filing suit in the state that you lost by more than twenty thousand votes And so you know. I like janet said I think it's are a bit numb to the way life works now And i think all of us who are in the business of reporting the news Are in for real. Culture shock come january twentieth. When there's not sort of this this level of of norm breaking craziness happening Every few hours what is what is media. Methadone look like i'm trying to figure out what is is it Do we go for long walks. You know in the of the afternoon to To take the time that we used to chase our tails in the world. I would say we'd go to the beach in unplugged but janet. What were you gonna say chuck. You're you're you're fantasizing if you think that there isn't still going to be trump craziness to in effect good. I'm glad you're going there and say interesting. There's going to be the question. There's no doubt in my head that trump is afraid of relinquishing any power. Because the minute does.

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