Hungarian Politician Resigns After Brussels Party Is Raided by Police


An anti-gay hungarian politician has resigned after being caught by police. Fleeing a twenty five man orgy through window. The man joe's Sager quit as a member of the european parliament on sunday instead. It was a private party. He and twenty four other naked men were at the gathering included diplomats and drugs. He tried to sneak the ra- window and was caught by police climbing across the gutter to get out of the place one called a disturbance. Now what was the disturbance. Here's the punchline. Here's the punchline. What was the disturbance to people president. What time through. The kuroda virus lockdown they should have gone to new orleans. Y'all i really got nothing. I'm i just looked i. I read the stories. I find the news. I think you know what this is. A story were talking about the anti-gay conservative to no politician was at the gathering of twenty four. Other naked men. he he's. He is a ally of the hungarian. The right wing. Hungarian prime minister viktor. Orban his fidesz party. He's resigned. His position in brussels resigned his position after he was caught leaving The the gathering friday. He admitted to breaching belgians belgium. Strict lockdown rules to attend the par party. The police found twenty five naked men at the gathering including seizure in some diplomats. The belgian newspaper dernier horror or horror reported the newspaper quoted. Well no. I'm not gonna read that live for what the local police said. They found but Yes so he was hanging out in belgium and he was with twenty four other naked dudes and decided to escape through a window. And it's not that the police were there to break up the gathering of of twenty five men hanging out doing drugs and other things. It's that someone complained that there were more than ten people at the party.

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