Here's Carol Jordan. Well, we were finding suspicious slowing on eastbound 18 approaching the Tiger


Commit starting just south of the West Seattle Bridge. Continuing to the convention center North found four or five. It's brake lights for you between Talbot and Northeast 44th. We have this road work taking place outside. Of course, the South outside. Of course, it's affecting both directions of state Route three. As you're approaching airport Way, causing half mile two miles slowdowns. There's traffic report sponsored by Bell Red Energy Solutions. Is your home ready for cold weather season certified technicians that Bell Red Energy Solutions can help keep your home just the right temperature with a new furnace or heat pump. Visit bell red dot com today. Our next coma. Traffic up 10 34. Otherwise we're looking at sunshine and lots of it all the way through Saturday and end of part of Sunday before maybe some showers come in later in the day on Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy that sunshine. Dutiful blue sky highs near 50 right now downtown Seattle. We've got clear skies 45 degrees

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