Man of the People

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And the story. You're about to hear it takes place in nineteen seventeen but almost everything that happens in. It feels like it could have happened this week. Basically it starts with this young doctor john. Brinkley he's just married the love of his life many and they decided to go find a place where they can just settle down. He's going to be a town doctor and then they set out for kansas because they see an advertisement that says milford kansas population. Three thousand when you doctor. And they're like okay. We'll go west. So they travel west get milford and three thousand was a typo in fact it was population. Three hundred which say it's like the middle of nowhere. There's nobody there. This is penny lane. She's a filmmaker. She made a documentary about john brinkley. Brinkley moved to milford and they set up shop. This elderly farmer named bills. It's worth comes into the office and you know after much hemming hiring kind of manages to spit out his problem. Which is that. He's a flat tire Get it get it you know and finally the brinkley's like oh. You're impotent okay. Gotcha i'm so sorry. We have nothing for that. Like modern medical science has not solved. That problem. I'm very sorry according to brinkley. What happens next is that he and the former get into small talk and they start talking about goats talking about. How goats never seem to be impotent. They're always zero. And the farmer says something to brinkley. That will change his life. he says. Gosh it's too bad. I don't have billy goat nuts and then brinkley laughs. And then after hours of brinkley's saying no i didn't learn that in medical school. That's not how we do. Things that might now work could be dangerous. The farmer infuses to leave until brinkley agrees to try to fix impotence by giving him go testicles. There's the strangest eureka moment so then of course he tries it and it works. It works according to brinkley. Brinkley tells the world that he has created the goat gland cure. Meaning he will take goat testicles. Insert them into your scrotum and you'll be healed and not just of impotence either. He says it'll cure flatulence emphysema stomach cancer. He's got a version for women which he says will cure female infertility. I talked to this redder. Pope brock who wrote a book about brinkley charlton. He said that when patients came to bring you get the surgery it was set up so that the patients would know that they were getting exactly what they paid for right so the patient was it was local anesthetic so that he could be assured that was actually getting the goat and then Many brinkley usually brinkley's wife would do the snipping on the goat. They would bring the goat balls over opened a guy up toss them in so him up and send him out so just to be clear. This surgery is bogus utterly bogus and privately. Brinkley knows this but he's extremely good. Commencing the public that he believes in what he's selling that goat gland surgery really works. It helps that he looks extremely professional. He's got a three piece suit. He's got round glasses. This neat blonde goatee. He's everybody's idea of what a smart doctor looks like. And so they start showing up at the clinic. These nervous guys ready for the surgery their own goats in tau like you bring the you want this just clutched in your arms and your pounding on the door About pretty soon he He got his own heard out back. Because it was you know was a volume business. By that point the patient would come out browse the herd and pick one the the the goat with which he felt the most connection you know whatever. He felt simpatico. That's the good he. He chose lobster at a restaurant exactly exactly exactly so. Business is booming. Brinkley has found a great scheme. Because what happens is there are men who are impotent. Who get the surgery. And because there are evidences psychological diplo cbo effect saves them and they thanked dr brinkley and for the men that it doesn't work on their generally too ashamed to say anything about it so no matter what he wins

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