U.S. Labor Board accuses Google of spying on employees, discouraging worker organization, and retaliation


On wednesday. The us national label labor relations investigated the termination of several employees in november. Twenty nineteen as a result has issued a complaint alleging. Google violated the national labor relations act by surveilling employees and interfering restraining or coercing employees who tried to exercise rights under section seven. Google is accused of discouraging employees from forming joining or assisting a union this all centers around lawrence burland and catherine spires they filed a complaint with the rb claiming that they were fired for organizing around treatment of temporary vendor and contract workers as well as retaliation against workers protesting google's work with customs and border patrol in november twenty nine thousand nine berlin and rebecca rivers were placed on leave for allegedly sharon confidential documents not pertinent to their job a protest in support of the to lead. You rivers burland. Paul duke and sophie waldman being fired. The complaint will be evaluated by an administrative judge after which the nlrb will decide whether to prosecute google and pursue reinstatement and damages. But on the same day. Google fired it's co leader of ethical artificial intelligence. Tim knit gebru. Gebru sent an email that She said laid out to conditions. Those conditions have not been made known which if met would lead her taking her name off a paper if not she would work on a last date for employment gab. Bruce says in response one of her bosses a reports replied quote. We cannot agree to number one and number two is you are requesting. We request your decision to leave google as a result and we are accepting your resignation. However we believe the end of your employment should happen faster than your email reflects because certain aspects of the email you sent last night to non management employees in the brain group a behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of a google manager unquote. That email was sent to google. Brain women and allies in email group for company researchers gabar studies bias and facial recognition among other things and is an alumni of the stanford artificial intelligence laboratory she worked on a landmark study in two thousand eighteen that showed facial recognition miss any dark skinned women thirty five percent of the time while working well for light skinned men

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