Detoxification Support During a Fast with Dr. Michael Murray


Dr. Michael murray thank you for joining us here at the fasten transformation summit. Thanks david i love the name of your summit. Transformation is always a great thing of fasting. can be powerful vehicle to to make that happen. Yeah absolutely and so. How did you get get going. I mean obviously you've got this passion for research. How do you get started. In natural health. World had become the voice of natural medicine. There's an inner story in kind of the outer story. I tell everyone. I'll do a little bit. Mix of both of my father who developed a condition called els palsy. it Condition where you lose the Information to the muscles of the face a space with literally paralyzed you went so nature catholic doctrine at literally abroad his face back to light and I had a knee operation a couple years prior and it just wasn't really responding to physical therapy and he suggested i see this nature path. I did and it was just a miracle in my life. And i need to watch learn more. And the more i learned about the diet herbs natural approaches to health and human it just resonated with something deep inside the end this became my initial. I feel really blessed. And i gained so much personally from the path that i was led to and hopefully i made a difference in the world on my own death. Yeah absolutely certainly have. I need you and i really want to acknowledge you for just paving the course for younger people like me to come up and have all these references and be able to really share this message more and more people throughout the world. And you've seen. I mean literally over the last twenty years huge growth in a natural natural wellness. And other work you've done is helped high near that. So thank you for that thank you. This is such an important topic. I just wanted to stress at all the viewers out there. I really believe that the greatest threat to human health today is not some super bayerischer. You've been eating too much sugar junk food. The biggest threat to human health is the ever increasing environmental toxin load and we are at the top of the food chain and so we have the ability to increase as we age. The concentration of these toxins in our body are Accumulators these toxic compounds. It's really really important. These days to do everything we can to avoid. And then a support our body's ability to get rid of these toxic compounds. So i really welcome the opportunity to talk about this really important subject. Yeah you're so right about that. We need detoxification strategies. And that's your topic today. And so what kind of results. In what strategies do you like to use for detoxification and fasting. Will i think the the detoxification is really kind of complex series of events in our body in require an unbroken chain of these events to effectively. You get rid of toxic compounds. One of the great Basic tenants of nature pathak medicine is to remove obstacles to cure and obviously these toxins can be an obstacle but so too can Our inability to get rid of these toxins. There's a lot of things that go into getting rid of these toxic substances. We have to support our body properly a day in and day out but i think especially during a fast. Yeah absolutely what sort of toxins are the big ones that were trying to eliminate from our body. Well you know thousands of years ago when when they were doing fasting for healing they're mainly concerned with water. Soluble metabolic talks talks that our body naturally produces a water. Fasting was really great way to cut a flesh. All these compounds out these days toxins. That were most concerned about fat. Soluble toxic pesticides. herbicides flame. retardant solvents heavy metals and these compounds are stickier harder for to get rid of and we have to use different types of strategies along with a making sure that we're well hydrated to get rid of these talks and so. I think that there's a lot that we can do to assist the body. Get rid would the call persistent organic pollutants. Those are the compounds that the that i mentioned part of those that i mentioned pesticides. Herbicides flame retardant. These are the compounds that i think when people think of talks these days. That's really what they're thinking of. And for good reason these these are really a harmful compounds to

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