Rachel Nichols On NBAs Return To Action Outside The Bubble

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We've been getting clarity about what this season is actually going to look like so it scheduled to start december. Twenty second and the finals are expected to end sometime in july. But i wanna talk to you about everything may or may not happen. I guess between those two dates because this is not going to be a bubble situation. Now what are the broad strokes of what the league is planning for this season. I think one of the most interesting things that's going to happen to the nba. Is that the situation in the country. Should hopefully all fingers crossed significantly change. Through the course of the season rachel nichols is the host of espn's nba show the jump. She's been reporting on the nba for nearly two decades. It could be. Maybe i'm being optimistic that there's enough people in this country vaccinated that the numbers of of infection or lower in deaths are low and that we have a full city to city. Travel fans in the stands. Nba finals when right now a majority i think of nba teams or at least a big chunk of them can't even have a single fan in the building. And i think that the nba is smart and taking sort of month by month approach. They're not even planning to release the full season schedule at the beginning of the season. Has it ever happened before. I don't think so in any sport like it's it's it's all a little bit up as they go along because that would imply that they didn't know what they were doing. And i think the nba has shown they really do know what they're doing as much as anyone can right now but we don't know so much about what's going to happen in this country that i they can look at the first chunk and just say okay. Here's what we're gonna do at the beginning and we'll see after that give you the basics. Though in terms of how many games we're playing year where they're going to happen. What are the fundamentals of what the first half of this. Season's gonna look like right. Well they're trying for seventy two games in quote home markets in home arenas. They've talked about trying to do the puzzle pieces of the schedule in a way. Where teams if they're you know a lotta times. Nba teams love to tell you how bad the league offices screw them on their travels. Because you know if you're portland and all of a sudden you're going to miami and then you're going to utah and then you're going to new york and then you're going to denver and then you're going back to brooklyn you're like i was just in new york. They're going to try to not have that happen. The thing that they have on their side this time is that there's really not concerts at arenas to schedule around the ideas that if you travel to a certain region of the country baseball style you can maybe play all the teams all of which is great and they've told teams when you do travel. Obviously they take their own plane they will get to a hotel but a hotel with other people in it so they've given them rules and there is this you know. Nearly one hundred fifty page rulebook. They dumped on the teams and thanksgiving weekend and one of them was. Hey when you're at the t. motel. Your guys can't use the gym and the only way they can use the gym if the hotel agrees to clear every other hotel guests out of the gym keep it closed for the entire duration of the stay. Have it cleaned between each player when they use the hotel gym. I mean there's just that's the level of Of sort of detail. They've gone into which is great but the bottom line is you're playing a sport on like football. Unlike baseball that has played indoors. Where the guys are breathing and sweating wreck on each other with no helmets or equipment in between so the league. That didn't have any player. Positive cova tests through this whole last. Six months of on-court play is going to have them this season pretty much guaranteed. So you're in the bubble.

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