Planning For Growth In 2021

Cheers To Business


Which is the new laboratory here in town which we need to do an ad for by the way we do all right that on our goal list. This is what the shows about. What goals do we need to set. And then the plan of how to get there. Why don't we talk about where we today. So today cheers businesses. One hundred and i think thirteen episodes in ever magic one hundred thirteen episodes. I did not. I didn't even know what a podcast so hundred thirteen episodes we are on. Oh my goodness if you put cheers. The business in google search boy. It's unbelievable. We've finally bypass those guys in two thousand seventeen. That had their cheers of business. We've covered up those guys that makes me feel about it. I no longer exists. I was filling. That we've plateaued. I think you've plateaued on the podcast playing side. But i think you have grown on your social media. Facebook awareness side meeting. We're still a local podcast. Which i'm totally fine with. Even you do have listeners. All over the country. But mostly i'd say eighty percent of our listeners. Know you know about you. And it's a local listening audience mobile as they facebook city. It is just massive amount of face but use and so. I think the videos that go out of the podcast have been something we didn't have last year. That's we've added this year. Tim saying there has been growth in one area. But we haven't pushed the podcasts out on the other side on the playing side. Okay makes sense. Yeah it does make sense. Because i was looking back over past shows and just the touches on facebook there was one that was twenty three thousand correct. And that's it so weird getting all the analytics facebook. But i can tell you right now. Certain shows have been shared ten eleven thirteen fourteen times. That's a huge amount organic. Search going out there just out of the world. Where even if they're just seeing karen's face with somebody else doing a podcast that has value to it now if they listen to four or five minutes of it great if they listened to forty minutes even better. We don't got forty minutes now. we try not to. Sometimes we have so where we today is. There's growth in the social media side and the playing side on facebook. We need to go back the idea of growing subscribers on the playing side of it or do we look at maybe a new strategy of shirley of the podcast player side and we keep it at between eighty and one hundred twenty per episode listens but people are still listen to episode ten eleven twelve. Thirteen avila yes because someone here's a show whenever they hear it they will. They like the show. They're gonna go back and they're gonna find shows they're going to listen to and you have lots of guests so sometimes somebody might look up a- guest and and just listened to like maybe wiggins has got four or five episodes with you today might go back and just listen to geo- wiggins episodes of doing to it's all searchable. That's a crazy thing. The guest get such a great benefit for coming on your show as well because they get thirty minutes of saying what they do well why they do it and you know and giving great information well now that we've got a sponsor to them in that really helps thank you talk are ex- the You know of the little bit of pressure off of me to come up. You know to keep doing it. And i want to have more of the ducks in the coast. Diagnostic people on you know just as a thank you for what they're doing you know when i first started it was my own. Companies were the sponsors and you also had a co host. That was your daughter. And i did. And so that's a change from this was our idea was and you and katie walked in studio and you knew exactly what y'all wanna do which is so rare for anyone coming to see me at the front studios to make a podcast usually at some half cooked idea or something. I don't quite understand. You came in with a name with an idea with the hook. You know about the idea. We're to drink wine and we're gonna cheers and y'all had everything i we don't start tomorrow because i knew we could get started getting going now over time. Things have changed. You have a show on your own. Now which is fine but it's different than how you started. Oh yeah it's totally a ball and katie came up with all that yeah. I didn't do anything. We were just talking business and she said drinking wine and she said we need to do a podcast she. She did everything and it was started from. The idea of katie could not find business podcast that she would listen to so she wanted to make one and the other thing too was. You said your sponsors were you in katie's companies a marketing expense a way for you to do marketing to

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