Nurses Strike At Montefiore New Rochelle, New York, Saying ‘We Don’t Have Enough Staffing’ And ‘It’s Not Safe’


Roughly 200 nurses had mount of your New Rochelle Hospital will be walking off their jobs had seven o'clock this morning, less than an hour and a half from now. Say the hospital is not ready for another surge of covert patients. WCBS reporter Sean Adams is at the hospital in New Rochelle this morning and he joins us live, Shawn. Mantra. Fear calls the nurses selfish nurses at New Rochelle hospitals say Monta fewer puts profits before patients. This is quite acrimonious here. As covert cases surge again. A New Rochelle, New York's original cluster zone, nurses are going to strike for two days to send a message about inadequate staffing. It's a Mont. If your new Rochelle is ill prepared for another wave of Cove it there's Cathy Santy, Emma says. Sometimes a nurse could end up caring for 10 patients, double the recommended number. It's just graceful to ask a nurse to take care of this many patients. It's just graceful to their to the patients to our community to have nobody to take care of them. Monta. Fewer, says the hospital offered raises and benefit parks. The nurses just want toe handout plum assignments to friends. The hospital is open patients could be relocated for the next two days. Live in New Rochelle, Sean Adams, WCBS news radio 80,

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