Say they're couple things. We have standards. Sayings in America.


Do things. The reason my job. The people I work with. So when we see large numbers, I'm very careful in a public setting. I want to be very careful in a public setting Thanksgiving. There were very few people in my house. I ordered the Mike Tyson fight over the weekend. There were five people in my house. Five. That's it. And so I am doing everything I can to mitigate the danger of me getting covert 19 and bringing it into the workplace. Um, you know that I partner with Sanderson Ford, they have a big thing every year called Operation Santa Claus. They raise a ton of money and they feed of they feed families. They work with military assistance mission providing Christmas for kids who might otherwise have it. So that's toys. It's nonperishable food items. It's cash donations. They have their annual golf tournament yesterday out of the Wigwam. I played in it completely different format completely different set up. Everybody had to wear masks. Everybody did. Until you got on the golf course. Then you could take your mask off. It was a completely different atmosphere. But people are moving forward. And people are moving forward with a sense of of almost pride in the fact that they're going to navigate this virus. We've

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