Angie and David Bowie: The Prettiest Star

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It was the summer of mentioned sixty nine and the world was preparing to send men to the moon. The timing couldn't have been better. She saw him again at king crimson. Party at speakeasy. David worked his way through the room. And angie noticed something else everyone stood up to talk to him when he approached rather than let him crouch down. They looked at him like he was important. Anti began to look at him that way. To hughes born david jones. He told her that was sad. The angie laughed. She doubted that anyone could confuse this man. With the other day jones he imitation mop top and staying from the monkeys. A man who probably never had an impure or original thought in his life. That baby was mother and father's wet dream of the kind of man. Their daughter would bring home the kind that would bring flowers and help with the dishes after she can understand why he would change his name bite end of the night and g. knew that she was done fucking me and she took david home instead. They were casual at first. Had sex and talked and fought. She tested him by throwing herself down the stairs at the hostel where she lived. He only stepped over her on his way out and told her to call him if she was still alive in the morning cold. She thought was something like approval. Been one night. He was sick and asked her to look after him sitting on his bed he played his case. It was the first time she'd really listen to his music. Not just catching bits and pieces. But hearing it entire and she realized he wasn't just writing the fast style. Pop love song. She was used to david's lyrics cryptic. Pacalypse radical mr call. They were science fiction. Angie believed in all sorts of things including the efficiency of shag in your way to the top but she believes aliens light. People should call them radiant beings who either inhabited the most brilliant or the most inspired humans. David she decided was one of them. It wasn't such a strange thing to believe in london in nineteen sixty nine when men. I walked on the moon. And the i'd boy she was falling for was writing songs about astronauts and starman. He could be her meal ticket. He could be the love of her life. Angie was fine with either one things fell into place quickly after that found a flat for the two of them. It was in an old victorian mansion called haddon hall which they would share with a wide assortment of other colorful characters. Artists and musicians was his first listener when he was composing his interlocutor on the subject that fascinated him solid feeder gendron. Time when he met with record execs. Angie was biocide. Narrow is playing the bad cop when his father died she put up with sweeping in a room with his mother for weeks while he more cramped family home at the end of that time and she offered him a deal. Stay together as a couple and work to make him a pop star and it would be so his fame would propel her to clear as an actress thought about it. Is it all right. But i'm not in love with you. I can deal with that. She told him. I can deal with any. It was true that she needed british citizenship. And so. Mary was useful but that wasn't the only reason she accepted his proposal and it was true that she was against manage at least the traditional. But this wouldn't be a traditional marriage and she liked it that way she especially like that they still fuck up at the. It was better not to be tied down to sleep with any man or woman fancy crowd expectations and still have someone to go home to. At the end of the day she wouldn't have expected to be way and never were and she made a game of trying to sleep with anyone. He had his eye on before. Stop to them or after she fell pregnant. She wasn't sure how she talked about becoming a mother but luckily when their son was born who they called zoe david turned out to be a much better parent than she could ever dream of being and she was happy to let him take the lead. Beloved was still struggling to get the world to notice his music and that was why he was going to wear a dress on the cover of his next album. The man who sold the world posey non-victorian fainting couch had had hall. It turned heads but it didn't sell only cemented. David's images enigmatic oddball. As far as angie was concerned though that was valuable bonus they'd taken another creative step forward it years figgy. David asked her one afternoon after putting their son down for an app. What angie asked looking up from the magazine she was reading. David sat next to her for my stage. Name stake in. Angie sad aware of her husband's fascination with iggy pop but our interest is piqued. As their son slapped story erin from mars was july nineteen seventy-two. Angie was watching makeup artists prime her husband for primetime television. Not that he wasn't ready his hair red his face white. he wore a sparkly jumpsuit. His bandmates look the part two. They weren't david bowie and his backing band. They were ziggy stardust and spiders from mars. Once they were ready they began to perform once they got to starman for single release three months earlier something special happened as he sung the line he looked straight into the camera. Is if you speaking directly to everyone watching at home. Oh that was good. Angie couldn't even see what people at home were seen. She news that it was good and of course she enjoyed seeing. The costumes helped sell on the other members of the band. Creating their extraterrestrial look had been angie's while david had gotten to work writing from the time that he'd begun. Angie knew this album was going to be special. The were the best pediatric written and the concept of performing at all as alien rockstar extraordinary. David bowie was well on his way to becoming hottest thing music. Angie thought was satisfaction that he never would have thought of this on his own. Certainly he'd been interested in gender and science fiction and the art of mind before she manhattan him but it had been heard who had put it all together to make something new something glamorous larger than life this stuff that rockstars were made of in fact. It was their comment on rock starting itself this heart early in the performance. He'd put his arm around his cars. Mick ronson it was a simple act but a calculated warren. A few months earlier david had given an interview to the magazine melody maker and told the reporter. He considered himself gay. Said he always had been angie's idea. What a gay mean anyway. Telling the papers he was gay was away of sticking it to the squares the straits and at the same time telling the old classic queens who ran so much music industry and thought they knew what was best

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