Cuomo outlines plan to help hospitals as virus cases rise


There are concerns that New York hospitals are going to be overwhelmed. We heard Governor Cuomo unveiling a plan that he says could help WCBS reporter Marla Diamond with more on this from the Upper West Side this morning. Statewide, New York has logged 3500 daily hospitalizations quadruple the number back in June. And if those numbers continue to increase, which we expect they will You will see serious stress on the hospital system. Determined to avoid a repeat of the terrifying scenes that overwhelmed hospitals in the spring, Governor Cuomo warns large healthcare systems to balance their patient loads or face malpractice charges from the Department of Health. It was a case of first impression last time this time, it's not a case of first impression. I don't mean to be difficult. But difficulties when people die because they didn't get the right healthcare. The governor says 65% of the state's new coronavirus cases can be traced back to small gatherings as hospitalizations rise, the governor says New York Could go back on pause on the Upper West Side. Marla Diamond, WCBS News, radio

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