The Skeptics Guide #803 - Nov 28 2020


Jay. This is exactly how people get. Colds isn't like family. Get togethers going to be the number one source of transmission line. You're colliding with other bubbles. Yeah yeah so. We talked about the bottom is we could like maybe do some social distancing and mask wearing but the bottom line is that many people in one space for even multiple hours. Eating the bottom line is if one of us had covert. Everyone's going to get covid. We would not keep that from happening. It's a family style meal and karen. Steve called it social distancing theater. Yeah basically not couldn't have done it then. I'm coming off two weeks impatient so i'm sort of pseudo quarantine. Even though i didn't come into direct contact with any known coverted in positive patients. You're still freaking hospital. You know right away. I kind of understand what jay is saying. It would feel unnatural to not at least extend the invitation to you even though he knows to know but if he will zoom it will do it but the whole thing like you know we we live in a world now. Where is a lot more screen time lot more like face to face screen time and no matter what version of it we do. You do it on the tv. You're at your sick close to your computer. Whatever like you don't feel like you're with people with the screens you really don't. It's not as good. It's not as good but it's better than nothing. I think it depends on the context right. Because i'm doing a lot of like tele therapy. I feel very present with the patients. But it's also when you're face to face talking about you know heavy stuff and you're really present for an hour with somebody. I think it's like you're there together. I think it's different when you're sort of just broadcasting your your movements you know you're sort of walking around the house with the phone being so those cooking the turkey. Hey say hi that to me. You're right it feels a bit weird and also when you're one on one and you're focusing you're getting you can hear everything you know when you get like multiple people it's pandemonium it's pandemic pandemonium. Yeah it doesn't you can't. It's not clear just everything. Get so muddy and you're just like oh my god like you just want to get out of those situations very uncomfortable. I'm also interested in j. You brought up this this term. That said steve used the. What was it social distancing theater but this idea of hygiene theater that i hear people reference a lot that i think is an interesting psychological concept and i'd love to hear you guys takes on this. We know that kovic can pass from surfaces that there is a faux might transmission but we also know that that significantly lower than aerosol transmission breathing in the same space as somebody who has the virus. Because it's an airborne respiratory among other things and i'm interested. I'm always interested when i go to a place. They're going to great distances till like wipe surfaces and to use all these cleansers and draw attention to the fact that they're scrubbing so hard yet. People are walking around without masks. I'm like what is it. Just a psychologically. We need to be doing something and so seeing a lysol wipe really helps us feel safe because what i've experienced i've i've experienced this with every permutation you could think of. Is that if people think if they're doing one thing then they're good. It's like i'm wearing a mask. So i can. I don't have to be careful about socially doesn't sing or we're outside so we can take our masks off or wiping down all the surfaces so whatever it takes no. They don't get that you have to do everything because each of these interventions is preventing you getting cove in a different way and one does not obviate the need for another. You still have to socially distance either outside and half measures. Don't get halfway there. It's a very contagious virus. You can do everything you're supposed to do instill get it and if you're not doing everything you're supposed you're supposed to do. You're just playing russian roulette if you don't get exposed to the virus you're probably going to get it right and we know this because we see we know this anyway but we see frontline workers getting it left and right you know one of the people i work with at the hospital. Got it and the thing is. There's no way to know where she got her. How but for people who are trained in proper hygiene and who are so careful and who are not working in a covert ward to still get. It means that it is not contagious. Yes but to be clear. Care like an yell. We have gotten the the the rate of hospital staff catching it down to almost nothing. Because that's great because we know what we're doing now. Yeah it's really similar. Where i'm working too and that's why it's also almost impossible to know where you got. It was a community transmission. Did you pick it up at the grocery store. You know the one more likely to get it at the grocery store then working asked to be. I feel safer. you're right. i feel safer at the hospital than in the grocery store to and i'm working in an outpatient clinic so these are people who are not doing the same kind of screening as somebody who admitted obviously their screens update so the worldwide read sixty million cases one point four million deaths in the us. We're breaking all kinds of records. Almost two hundred thousand cases in a single day could wave is bigger than the previous to at least twelve million. Five hundred thousand cases have been recorded since february. Twenty ninth in the us us so it's still still raging. This is this is actually probably the most dangerous time right now.

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