WTA Year End Awards for 2020


Everyone john worth. I'm hearing sports. Illustrated tennis podcast. Jamie joins me for a grab bag topics. We are midway through the final so hard to make any definitive conclusions there but we can talk about the the back of played so far. We'll talk about twenty twenty one tennis and what the picture is looking like. It's slowly coming into focus but still considerably Blurry and uncertain. We'll talk w. t. awards. There are no more women's tennis events on the calendar. But we can start distributing some honors and just sort of a catchall of tennis topics as we want to say to the finish. But we're not exactly sprinting. Either a stranger that is Finishing under strained conditions and we talk about sort of where the sport is here in mid november twenty twenty so jamie welcome. it's it's been a while. how are you. i'm good. i agree with you. It's a weird year. And i feel like we've been talking a lot about the atp and obviously the atp finals are happening. So i am happy to start by out talking about the wpa and some of these awards all right. let's go. let's let's that. I that's a good idea let's go to That'd be the w. t. a. Does not unlike the wto does not have a finals or twenty twenty. Unfortunately that's An offshoot of having events in china where international sporting events were cancelled months ago. So the vendor playing as we speak in london and there is no there is no comparable women's event. So let's say yeah let's do that. Let's start with the women season over. Why don't we hand out some awards. We genda pivot to london. Mvp award is always a bit strange. But if we're going to give player of the year honors. I feel like the player has to have won a major. Do you agree with that. Yes definitely agree with that. But this year of course We had one less. And i think that i would also classify the majors in two creek corona and post corona. I would almost give a little bit more weight or just feel like there's more discussion for all the majors. That are not the train open you know. Of course that was when all was normal and before all this happened But i know you. You went to your pace in your mailbox but are you. Who's your pick. i think it. It sounds sounds a little. I think you've got to say that the so you can is your twenty twenty. Mvp she won a major and got to the final of another If we play this game sometime if your life depended on a player Would she be your pick and the answer is is probably not and do i think in a head to head match. There are players who are superior. If if she and i o miyasaka played ten times i would think naomi osaka with the majority of those matches. But yeah in this straight year. But i think you're right. There was no wimbledon. There there was a us open but it did not feature you know six top ten players including ash barty the number one player including simona halep included the defending champion and that was That was one sock than we had. The french open which also did not feature ash party. Who is the defending champion. It did not feature. Naomi osaka the australian open before corona had the most flush field. So you can in one that and she reached the final of the french open so she is the only player to have won a major and got into the final of another and in this stranger. It's probably appropriate. We have a strange choice but sonya sofia kenyon is my Twenty twenty mvp will by you. I hear you on that. And i think those are all good points. I in you know so that we aren't agreeing here on all of these under some Interest to this conversation. I'm going to take a different pic. i'm gonna go with naomi osaka and i think that In speaking about mvp sort of in the Like a of a lot of awards that are giving out at this time of the year including essays own award sportsperson of the year. It's not just about what's happening on the court. It's just not about results per se about other things that This player has done. So i think that For me. I think niamey osaka. Of course like you said kennan if you're just talking about reaching a final winning final In a major. She's done that but osaka has not only one. But also use her platform and she's spoken up and she's gone beyond the court and i think that you know if we're talking if you're looking at that list of choices here And you check the box with a major win in for me. You check the box with all the other outside stuff off the court that she's done so that's my pick.

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