'Kim Ng makes Baseball History' with Dan Evans - burst 02


Your mom was one of the pioneers in chicago when it came to sports broadcasting and happened to be woman and i think for people like your mom. I think you see the world changing. Were far more respectful and aware that it can't be a boy's game anymore. It's time to let the best people in the room. And if they happen to be a woman so be it. But i think the great thing jason. She checks a lot boxes. She's an asian woman who didn't play in the big league. That was such a stigma. Twenty years ago. Oh you didn't play in the big lake. My gosh i heard it well now. I think young women wake up and they say there's somebody looks like me in that role and until today really until friday. No one ever saw anyone looking like them in that role. And it's fifty. One percent of the world's population now suddenly is asian american woman years. The general manager of the miami. Marlins i think that alone or give hope to not just young women. Asian american men. Suddenly we say wait a second. Here's somebody looks like me. I can be that person. And i think for that. Our society is better off today. I have said that for so many years that all it takes is one seeing one person that looks like you in an industry to say. Oh my gosh that's it. I'm going to do this. Okay i want to do this. And that's what it took for me indian. You're so right. The number of people that she is going to affect the in the future generations. This is personal for a lot of us. And i'm still getting emotional right now because it is that big of a deal. Can she handle it mean. Just that's a lot of pressure on one person's shoulders and we don't mean to make it a bigger mountain than it is but truly when they are in the decision making and the hiring and the firing that is when we have progress because they make decisions on who gets some of those jobs. Great clink peggy. I think first of all yes. Undeniably qualified has been qualified for probably about fifteen years I remember sitting in our pool in los angeles with our feet in the water and she had just been denied one of those opportunities and i said listen. Your time's gonna come.

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