Interview With Violette de Ayala


Well welcomed extraordinary women radio violet. I am so thrilled to have you join us today. And i am excited to hear your story. I can't wait to learn more about you. Thank you so much. I'm really excited to be your very honored. Surfing's proxy honored to have you here. And i wanna i wanna start west your business you. You started as an entrepreneur when you were twenty two and So tell us a little bit about this. Entrepreneurial journey from that twenty two year old to running this multimillion dollar business today that really spans across all the different chapters that you have all the the community that you've built. I mean i'm so impressed with what you've built so so give us a little bit of that back story. Sure so. I was twenty two years old. A new mom and may adjust moved from miami to north carolina. And i knew that. I wanted to support the family financially rights. You've had just graduated from college at the state. And i remember having that internal dialogue of whether or not you but christopher fulltime daycare or you know trying to find hybrid of the two and i remember being just really Filled of anxiety of going to that. Because i didn't want my children to be latchkey kids so i grew out pretty much on my own. My parents both worked until very late. At night i was a child at home or to buy themselves unified dinner. Nfl sleep on their own. And i didn't want to have that for my kids. I remember having friends that have parents that whether they worked fulltime they were home at five o'clock or six o'clock in week dinner Or perhaps one of the parents didn't work and they were there as is apparent. During the day. I remember one that i remember like seeing that. Not being jealous that. I remember like wanting that in my life and so when we had chris off to make sure that i had the flexibility to be there i didn't want to have my kids have extreme experience so really being a first generation. Cuban american my parents arrived united states. Nineteen sixty one cuba. The only stories i ever heard growing up were stories of my family coming to the country with a penny in their pocket right not knowing the language of the culture and really creating tremendous amount of wealth because of being an entrepreneur because of small business. And so i happened in the back of my mind theory this entire kind of situation of trying to figure out. How am i going to provide my family. Be a mom and how that ballads and relief for me. The only option was to start a business so at the time. I'm going to tell you the kind of the truth behind it is that i wanted to be a really good. At fitness. i had worked at every house hub in miami in high sworn in college. That was really the only industry that i knew and so i will. I will go ahead and just get my personal training. Certification analogy personal trainer and started small business so i reached out to the sba in with. Carolina is nineteen ninety-four. So before giggle. Before lead gen our media and i reached out and got a counselor at the time and told them what i wanted to do when she was like. Well how much alone you take out. While i need a loan of three thousand dollars you need to buy -cation. I need to go ahead and get business cards out. Place a couple of advertisements and some equipment and she was like three thousand dollars. She's like that's ridiculous credit card and so that was her advice. And i did. I had a discover credit card. They don't i remember they're not partners of ours at all. It was really a straight up. Discover was the only credit card. I had besides a little retail one. And i did it put it on. There was the most nerve wracking putting three thousand dollars on a credit card. I mean we are. We are brand new parents. You know young Not knowing really anything about business had never taken a business class. By the way i graduated pre law and i stepped into that and i continue to make every mistake after that Found by place did did well with that. Small business I was looking for. And then. After that i just continue to watch more and more businesses and about that's really the truth or wise started twenty two. I really am. I had an option at the time. Based on what priorities work right and you wanted to be home with your. You wanted to have support around your kids by and the serial entrepreneur. You mean so what was it. That kept have had the ideas. Keep coming to you. What was the catalyst behind that. Yeah so i think you know After personal training company. I did hire on at i got into real estate. My stepfather at the time wanted me to take over his business and he said you know i really need you to work in real estate for a couple of years you can take over my business. I'm ready to retire. So i did that for him and he would say to me and by the way he was an amazing mentor. This guy might my mother's second husband show me the million dollars. He was like thirty years old he no. He sold his bakery here in miami to arnold bakery and then he continued to create tremendous well so he would tell me. Violate your unemployable. Anyone would say that that is the most horrific complement him a great employees. I show up on time. I always delivered you like no. No you're just unemployable. You'll realize that you get older. And it's now about older. That i realized that even though i could work for other people and i was great. I excelled in everything super taipei. The truth was that. I always had to be on my own. I something about how my dna just had that always come back to being a small business owner and then eventually being entrepreneur and different that i do the real estate and then i kinda hired on with another company and kept on growing in that world and finally i was like that's it i need to go back into to go back and create my own business again. Got my pilates. Reputation became applauds instructor and then had a location. They got a bigger location Satellite locations but again it just keeps coming back around and around. And it's because at first of all i believe in small business. I believe that that's the way that women specifically can have balance in their life especially when the raising humans or perhaps they have aging parents or other responsibilities.

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