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Russell. Say what's up to fire nation and sheer something interesting about yourself. That most people don't new what's a fire nation All right the first thing. I can think of the people probably know about me. Is that like i am. Deathly scared of cats have not touched the cat in over twenty years The last time. I touched a cat and mice will shut for three days and i have not touched. A cat said the my in-laws are cat people. So i literally go their house and i stand there and don't touch it. Well i can tell you. Can kate sorry. It was actually a campus and she was growing up. Her family always had one or two times. And i was the opposite. I was always a dog person. Springer spaniels my whole life and finally during quarantine because we used to travel all the time. In fact you. And i are supposed to be out in fiji recently. We weren't able to do that and we had a bunch of trips are ozzy cancelled. So i finally able to convince kate to get a dog with me so we now we have got him when he was two months old. But now we have a seven month old golden doodle. His name is gas and one reason why you'll love him russell's because he's hypoallergenic no shedding which was what i needed. Not because i was allergic to anything but just like. That's the one thing i don't like about. Dogs is the shedding. So gus is the perfect dog. I love him to death and follow me on instagram. If you want to see. Some great dog gussied dog video so russell as i t's earlier during the introduction. We're talking today about how to sell almost anything that you can flip in dream of and you have helped so many people do just that for so many years. I've been an avid click. Finals promoter and user for years and years and years now multiple to calm clever wars. All the nine yards. I mean i absolutely love. Click finals. I wanted to bring you back on. Because you've done something recently that again you just stay out of the curve. You continue to revolutionize stuff for so long like webinars were just boring like slides and then they have a talking head from time to time. There's an like and then you came out with this webinar. It's so spectacular because it's not lake. It's like this. Unbelievably new groundbreaking knowledge. I mean it's such important fundamental knowledge that you need to know fire nation. But it's how he delivers it with the stories and then the cartoons and the videos in the mix and the mismatch like i literally russell went back and watched one of my webinars and i hate it now. Like i hate my webinar. Because you so. I'm gonna follow your lead. My man and i'm going to mix up fire nation. Ill fire dot com slash. Click webinar just go over there. Watch this webinars free. It's amazing will up your game and it will help your business for the content but also for the presentation style you fire dot com slash click webinar and the title is the weird almost backwards. Funnel secret that is currently being used by underground group of entrepreneurs including myself to sell almost anything you can of so russell. Break that down for us. Yeah definitely so the group of entrepreneurs these are like my tribe. My people right. We call ourselves funnel hackers and a lot of people like don't turn means initially and for us. It's like all about trying to reinvent the wheel and figure things out from the beginning. It's like let's look and see what's working currently right and so looking at other people's funnel people's businesses and looking at as a model then create something new and unique outlook and i think that When i got started in business online. I thought i had to figure everything out. I was trying to be creative all the time and it really really struggled until i said that there's people who've been doing this for a long time and they're just trying to reinvent the will let me see what they're doing and what are the tweaks and changes. I can get my product or my service into the structure that they've proven his work and you know this is well anyone in in the online business like the art and the science right in the science doesn't change the framework. It's like the frame of a house right like that's that that doesn't change and so it was figuring what what's the framework. What's the funnel the things that we know work in the process that works the price points at work and then on top of that we. We've in our own art. Our own products our own messaging. And when you figure out how to do that we call funnel hacking. That's the that's the secret and now we've had people doing this. We have over one hundred hundred and twenty one hundred thirty thousand active members and click finals right now. We see it happening in every market in the world which has been so cool because it was kind of a new concept you know five or six years ago now. We're seeing it happen everywhere now. Literally i mean. I lost entrepreneurs on fire eight years ago and that didn't exist and i remember you coming and bringing of this phrase this term. You know this lifestyle back five six years ago. And i've washed it you know. Do it has done over the past five or six years. It's been absolutely amazing and fire nation. What we're doing next. We're going to go through the three main themes that russell talks about throughout the webinar. Now of course we're not gonna go into super depth on these because you're gonna watch the webinar for that and it's free and it's visual and it's beautiful and it's breathtaking at times like you need to watch for that reason but russell let's start with funnel hacking and how to ethically steel over a million dollars worth of funnel hacks from your competitor for under a hundred dollars. That's one benjamin taken away. Yes so this is something. I the concept i the principal i learn. Issue tony robbins. Who's a friend of both of ours. And tony said if you want to be successful in life you need to model those who are already successful and all parts of life. I like in in sports in business and everything and And so for me. I remember i was at an event and i heard this guy Showing one of his finals one time to talk about what they did how they did it and like all the money they spent all this stuff and i remember looking at that and i was like i'm never going to figure those things out and then for moment i stop and say what a minute. What if what. If i if i just looked at what he did and it looked like he had a product here and there was up selling the down so this was the process took someone to where if i took that again that framework and then i just weaved in my own product mountings into it and so i was kind of the idea. We'd have a name for back then. I would call frontal hiking today. But i i use that. And so i. This is before click funds probably seven or eight years ago is launching supplement at because i love supplements supplement. I know how to do it. So i found somebody who had to supplement funnel i looked at the structure. They'd proven would work to sell supplements. And i took that structure. I built my own supplement. You know put my own copy. My own words mount phrase by us use. There's is kind of a model like a business model. This is what we need to do and And we launched it and it blew up and we got huge and what was cool about it was. i didn't have to go and do tons of market researcher. All these things. All i had to do is literally go to the person's funnel and buy their product like put my credit card on my wallet spent a hundred bucks. I bought the product. And i was able to see everything right what we see some his website or a page. And it's like the tip of the iceberg but by paying buying the person's product and bunnell hacking him as able to see oh after they after someone buys a product sell them with this and they down so at this and this is the process. After i saw the process look like as the model that for my supplement. And that's how we were up to grow supplement company

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